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Keep a young figure and figure. These eight yoga poses should be practiced frequently!

Regular and specialized yoga exercises can help you lose weight, but now, our goal is to maintain your figure and body shape and make you always look young and energetic.

Yoga can help you do that.

Although many complex asanas need teachers’ guidance, these simple asanas can be easily completed at home.


Mountain pose is one of the most basic yoga postures.

It helps to improve posture.

All muscles in mountain pose are driven and calories are burned.

Stand with your feet together (your feet are slightly separated during menstruation) with your legs together, tighten your thigh muscles, lift your hands on the arch, stretch them down on both sides of the body, look ahead, and maintain 8 breaths 02.

Tree pose yoga “tree pose” from the beginning of spring can effectively keep the meridians unobstructed and let the Yang in your body recover with the earth.

If your sense of balance is good, you can try to keep your eyes closed.

In the mountain pose, keep the balance of the left foot, bend the right knee, put the soles of the right foot at the root of the left thigh, put your hands together in front of your chest, and keep 8 breaths.

Change sides 03.

The triangle pose is helpful to balance and improve your posture.

When twisting the hips, waist and abdomen, stay away from loose muscles.

In the mountain pose, the legs are separated and one leg is long, the hands are raised horizontally, the left heel is abducted, the right foot turns to the right side to exhale, the body goes down to the right, the right hand supports the ground, the left hand extends upward, turns the head up, and maintains 8 breaths.

Change sides.

In the warrior 1 pose, in addition to opening the lungs and chest and melting cholesterol, it also strengthens the back, legs, shoulders and arms.

In mountain pose, the feet are separated by about one leg, turn the right foot 90 degrees, slightly buckle the left foot, turn the body to the right, inhale and extend the spine, lift the arms of both hands above the top of the head, exhale and bend the knees down to maintain 8 breaths, and change sides.

Double angle pose is an amazing pose.

It not only has the function of handstand, but also enhances digestive function.

It is suitable for leg muscle groups that are often ignored, It will burn leg fat.

In mountain pose, breathe in with your feet separated by one leg for a long distance, extend your spine, lift your arms horizontally and exhale, bend your elbows forward and downward, let your head contact the cushion surface, keep your feet, hands and head in the same line for 8 breaths 06, cobra back curve, the pose will be improved, and the muscles on your legs, chest and arms will be exercised.

Lie on your stomach, put your hands on both sides of your chest, open your feet the same width as your hips, inhale and extend your spine, open your chest and lift it up, slowly straighten your arms and eyes, look straight ahead, and maintain 8 breaths 07.

Locust style is a perfect posture to strengthen your arms, legs and abdomen and balance your weight.

It can reduce stress and improve your posture.

Lie on your stomach with your palms facing up, your legs together and exhale.

Lift your legs, chest and arms up to maintain 8 breaths 08.

The bow is suitable for the digestive system and regulates metabolism, improves flexibility and looks.

Lie prone, bend your knees, grab your ankles from the outside and inhale deeply.

Pull your body up and keep 8 breaths when exhaling.

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