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Always collapse in yoga practice? Don’t worry about training your core muscles yet

In yoga practice, waist collapse is a typical manifestation of insufficient core strength.

Good core strength can help us stabilize the spine and pelvis and maintain the correct posture during exercise.

Among them, the core muscle group is mainly responsible for stabilizing the center of gravity and conducting strength, which is the hub link of the overall force.

△ insufficient core strength of core muscle group (picture from network invasion and deletion) will lead to the failure of pubic bone to lift up and fully raise the core and collapse of the waist.

During practice, the muscle groups around the lumbar spine do not participate in the movement normally, resulting in the excessive extension of the lumbar spine and the compression of the intervertebral disc, which will cause lumbar injuries and other problems over time.

△ for example, many people collapse their waist when practicing the plank and cat stretching posture, and their waist bends too concave.

They need to compensate for the excessive stretching of the lumbar spine to maintain the posture.

Often, they will feel uncomfortable at the waist after a class.

In addition, if too many people complete the movement by “collapsing the waist” in training, It is also easy to form “habitual waist collapse” in daily life (for example, the waist will collapse involuntarily when lifting your hands up, straightening your chest and raising your head).

△ (the picture is from the network invasion and deletion) corresponding to the inability of the lower abdomen to gather in the front of the body and the inability of the pubis to gather and lift up well (the core of the whole body of the pubis can really gather in order to stabilize the intra-abdominal pressure and protect the health of the lumbar spine and spine) , the intra-abdominal pressure core of the whole abdominal cavity is unstable, accompanied by sacrum upturning.

△ pubic retraction core (picture from network invasion and deletion) in such a physical state, the vertebrae must not be lifted.

The big vertebrae corresponds to the whole thoracic cavity, and the pressure core of the thoracic cavity can not be well gathered…

Pulling one hair will affect the whole body, and a problem of waist collapse will also affect the whole body.

△ to improve core strength, most people choose to train abdominal muscles to strengthen core muscle groups, hoping to support the completion of training by strengthening muscles.

However, this method does not change the overall body structure, the influence caused by the failure of pubic bone lifting and lumbar compensation, and it is easy to squeeze and reduce the joint space, Muscle stiffness and other problems (such as exercising abdominal muscles through flat plate support, and the lumbar muscles remain tense, which may reduce the gap between lumbar vertebrae and increase the pressure, increase the curvature of lumbar extension and increase the pressure of lumbar intervertebral disc).

For local problems, the overall correction of body training believes that the core strength does not only refer to the four core muscles of the abdomen (straight, oblique and transverse), but the deepest core strength to maintain the stability of the whole body and trunk.

That is, it includes the four core muscles of the abdomen, the muscles connecting the abdomen and pelvis, the deepest muscles of the whole spine, and the deformation and convergence ability and movement expression of the whole body cavity during exercise.

This is the real core strength of the body.

When the above body functions are perfect, in the core training of yoga, the body can independently start the deepest core strength and complete the practice easily, safely and efficiently.

Recommended training recommended the action of gathering the core as a whole in school body training.

Prone retraction is a transitional posture of frog lying on the ground in school body, which is a very efficient overall core training.

It can help us start the overall core convergence and cavity deformation ability of the chest, abdominal cavity and pelvic cavity, nourish the spine, and improve the problems of shallow and short breathing, rib valgus, poor abdominal core strength and so on.

△ real case practice steps of school physical training 1 Turn over from supine position to prone frog lying state 2 Pull back the elbow support of both hands to both sides of the body, and prop up the upper body (lift the big vertebrae, the thoracolumbar junction (the point where the sternum handle corresponds to the back) and the pubis at the same time).

Lift up the hip a little, so that the whole spine is in a straight line.


Gather the chest, abdomen and basin, use the power of the overall core to lift and bend the straight legs upward, come to the frog and repeat the action.

With 10-15 in each group, do 3-5 groups of △ body training – prone retraction.

When our whole body has the ability of core deformation and retraction, in the core yoga training, the body expression will be significantly stronger and complete the core training actions more easily and safely.

School body tips any sport needs perfect physical function as the basis, so as to avoid injury and practice effectively.

On this basis, we can train diligently to continuously challenge difficult movements and make rapid progress.

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