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Yoga asana, known as “wrinkle killer”, is getting younger with practice!

Many women dream that the wrinkles on their faces disappear overnight and their skin looks younger, but their dreams are always beautiful.

The wrinkles are still growing day by day, but don’t worry now.

Yoga can help you tighten your skin and eliminate wrinkles.

The following simple actions can accelerate the discharge of poisons in the body, strengthen the flow of blood in the whole body, and make the skin get beauty effect.

If you insist on doing it every day, you will look younger.

1 stand in the mountain bending posture, with the distance between the feet equal to the shoulders.

When inhaling, raise the arms upward and the palms relative to each other.

When exhaling, fold the upper body from the hip bone, drive down the front of the upper body, put both hands on both sides of the feet, and fold the upper body deeply with the breath.

Efficacy: promote blood flow, strengthen the liver and effectively expel toxins.


Double angled feet open a large distance, whichever is longer than one leg.

The soles of the feet are slightly buckled inside, so that the outer sides of the feet are parallel to each other.

Hold the hips with both hands, inhale and extend the spine.

Open both hands to both sides and parallel to the shoulders.

When exhaling, the upper body is down and maintain 8 breaths.

During the stay, the two shoulders are the force to lift up, Don’t fall to the ground.

Efficacy: increase the blood supply to the upper body and head area and improve the digestive system.


Lie prone on the cushion in downward dog style, with both hands on both sides of the chest; Inhale, hook your toes back, exhale, and push your hands to the ground.

Lift the sitting bone high, straighten the legs, come to the downward dog pose, press the cushion at the tiger’s mouth, and step down with the heel.

Efficacy: eliminate fatigue, restore the vitality of the brain, and make the face ruddy and shiny.


Lie on the ground in the plow style, put your arms on both sides of the body, with the palms facing down, your legs close together, inhale, stretch your insteps, lift your legs vertically to the ground, rely on your arms to lift your legs upward and keep your hips off the ground when you exhale.

At this time, your abdomen will curl your legs and upper body back, Keep your knees straight on the instep.

Efficacy: promote blood flow into the head and nourish the face and scalp; Promote digestive function and eliminate constipation.


Supine spine torsion, supine on the cushion, raise both hands horizontally, inhale, extend the spine, exhale, and twist the hip to the left; Be careful not to leave your shoulders off the ground.

Turn your head and eyes to your right hand to maintain five respiratory effects: flexible spine; Massaging the abdomen helps to eliminate toxins.

Practice these postures every day.

You will gradually find that the endocrine is normal, the skin is better, and the body is slimmer and Slimmer! Source: Internet.

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