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10 yoga postures, suitable for women over 30 years old, remove pelvic garbage, warm the palace and beautify your face!

Stamp the blue words on it and pay attention to us! A woman’s pelvic cavity is comparable to a woman’s second face! For many office women, due to work reasons, they need to maintain sitting posture for a long time.

Sitting for a long time is easy to cause continuous pressure on the pelvic cavity.

In the long run, it is easy to cause poor blood circulation in the pelvic cavity and poor metabolism of body garbage toxins! Today, I share 10 yoga moves that are very suitable for women to practice.

They can not only flex your hips, but also remove pelvic garbage, so that you can have a good look! 1.

Mountain style Stand in mountain pose with the soles of your feet pressed down Tighten the inner thighs and open the chest The clavicle expands and the mandible retracts slightly Stop for 5-8 breaths 02, stand and bend forward Enter the standing forward bend from the mountain pose Pay attention to the slight flexion of knees and tighten the core Stay for 3-5 breaths 03, cobra Bend back from standing and pull your legs back Lie prone on the mat and enter the dog pose The chest opens and the spine extends Stop for 3-5 breaths and return to downward dog 04 and semi pigeon From downward dog to semi pigeon Inhale and bend your left leg forward The lower legs should be as parallel to the hips as possible Spinal extension, stay for 10 breaths 05, sleeping pigeon From half pigeon to sleeping pigeon Inhale and extend the spine upward Exhale and bend forward to the ground Stop for 10 breaths and return to downward dog pose Pose 04-05 change to the right side to practice 06, ox face pose Exit downward dog pose and enter bull face pose Bend your right leg on your knee and your right elbow back Pay attention to sitting on the ground and adduction of ribs Stop for 10 breaths and exchange the other side 07, sitting angle Sit and stand with your legs about one leg apart Inhale, force the sciatic bone downward, and extend the spine Exhale, tighten the core, and rotate the pelvis forward Bend forward and stay for 1-2 minutes 08, butterfly Exit from sitting angle and enter toe angle Inhale, push the sciatic bone downward, and the soles of the feet are opposite Exhale, tighten the core and feel the external rotation of the hip Stretch the inner thigh and stay for 1-2 minutes 09.

Sit and stand and twist the spine Exit from the toe pose with the right leg bent to the outside of the left leg Bend the left leg with the heel close to the right hip Inhale, put your hands together, exhale and twist to the right Stay for 10-12 breaths and exchange the other side 10.

Supine spinal torsion Supine position, legs straight forward Inhale and bend your left leg to the right Exhale, tighten your core and turn your head to the left After staying for 3 minutes, changing the other side to maintain the pelvic cavity is equal to maintaining the second face of women.

This sequence is collected.

It is recommended to practice 3 times a week! After you’ve read it, you can watch it before you go 👍。.

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