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Yoga before going to bed can defeat sleep disorders in one fell swoop!

There are many reasons why you can’t sleep at night.

You may think too much, or you may feel uncomfortable.

Yoga can solve these problems.

Many restorative yoga exercises can relax muscles, and simple breathing techniques can calm the mood.

Hip, back, shoulder and neck are the most tense parts.

Some simple yoga postures focus on opening and relaxing these parts, which can make you fall asleep quickly.


Relax the spine: cat cow benefits: This is a two person pose, but often done together.

Repeat exercises from cat style to cow style can connect your breathing and calm your mood.

Relax your abdomen and relieve stress.

How to do it: · come to the four legged bench, with your hands directly below your shoulders and your knees directly below your hips· Inhale, extend your spine up, look up, shoulders away from your ears, and come to bull pose· Exhale, hold your hands and knees on the ground and bow your back, just like a cat stretching when angry· Make five rounds.


Relax your hips: the benefits of supine pigeon pose: think of garland, pigeon and toe pose, which can relax your hips.

For more comfort, you can put a pillow under your hips in pigeon pose and toe pose.

In wreath pose, if the Achilles tendon is too tight, put a towel under the heel.

Lying down in the pigeon pose is a great way to relax your knees and stretch your hips.

How to do it: · lie down, bend your knees and step on the ground with the soles of your feet the same width as your hips· Bend the right knee, place the right ankle above the left thigh, and keep the right palm hooked back· Lift your thighs close to your chest, put your right hand between your legs, and cross your hands under your left knee.

Relax your back and head on the ground · take 8-10 deep breaths, and then change sides.


Relax the shoulder: the benefits of Cross: needle piercing, infant, reverse prayer, and even simple cross can effectively relax the shoulder and cervical spine and stretch the rhomboid muscle.

How to do it: · lie down and lift your body slightly.

Your right hand comes to the left, your left hand comes to the right, your right hand is under, and your arm is about 90 ° from your body· Put your chin over your shoulders.

Extend your arms with your fingers to both sides· Keep 8-10 breaths and repeat on the other side.


Relax the back: supine spine torsion benefits: relaxing the back can better sleep.

Simple spinal torsion can relax the back.

How to do it: · lie down, hold your right knee close to your chest, bring your left hand to the outside of your right thigh, and your right knee to the left· Straighten your right hand to the right.

Look right· Keep 8-10 breaths and repeat on the other side.


Relax: how to do inverted arrow + alternate nostril breathing: · keep your hips close to the wall and your legs straight up and close together.

Open your hands to both sides· Start with alternate nostril breathing, with your left hand on your abdomen and your right middle finger and thumb on both nasal wings· First cover the right nostril with your thumb, inhale with your left nostril and count to 4· Close the left nostril with the middle finger, exhale from the right nostril and count to 4· Repeat five times and then change sides.

Master these five methods to ensure that you can sleep soundly and sweetly every day…

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