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“Yoga” see love: Yoga love song, sweet upgrade for love

Morning and dusk depend on each other, and the four seasons are happy.

This Valentine’s day, you need a yoga love song.

The three-step chapters play gradually to upgrade the sweetness of love – “Yu” sees love, which is the joy of knowing each other; “Jia” you are the most beautiful, is a promise; “Yu” born with you is the company of each other.

“Yoga” you know each other.

The premise of perceiving each other’s intimacy in yoga is to deeply understand that the original meaning of yoga is “connection”.

What you explore is the relationship between man and self, the relationship between man and man, and the relationship between man and nature, society and even the universe.

The premise of intimacy is deep understanding, and the premise of love is to cherish and know each other.

How to cultivate and maintain a lasting and healthy intimate relationship is not only the practice of yoga, but also a subject worth pursuing and practicing all our life.

The yoga practice of the body takes place on the yoga mat, and the real yoga practice starts outside the yoga mat.

The Minister of “Yu” promised to make private romance public.

The growth of the hearts of “Yu” people requires a willingness to constantly step into the unknown and face every new day and our changing partners, families and relationships.

One of the main benefits of practicing yoga is not only that it can help us overcome the anxiety and impatience that we can’t be in the moment, learn to keep breathing, feel the moment and reconcile with ourselves, but also understand the relationship between ourselves and the outside world, examine the coexistence with others, and understand the longer-term link and love with deeper tacit understanding and trust.

For a close relationship, after “knowing each other”, it is the commitment of “promise” and the embodiment of trust and tacit understanding.

The secret of maintaining happiness is not only to give each other a trust and commitment, but also to establish a more in-depth and comprehensive external relationship link with each other.

You are my weakness and my armor.

Everyone is an independent individual, and everyone needs the support of relationship.

The most ideal state is: I can live well alone, but I am willing to explore, create, adventure and share with you.

In this process, we love each other and grow together, break through our limitations and become a better partner.

Finally, I wish all lovers can reap the joy of knowing each other, promise each other and stay with each other.

I also wish all friends practicing yoga, whether you are partners, family and friends, can learn to give and be grateful to each other, and be aware of and experience love in the process of Yoga practice..

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