Chic and fashionable yoga pants are chic and elegant, and will not be out of date

Chic and fashionable yoga pants are chic and elegant, and will not be out of date.

The collocation of yoga pants includes upper and lower body, inner and outer collocation.

Today, I share the versatile piece of this yoga pants, a pair of small white shoes, which are super light without losing the charm of a little woman; White versatile colors with cowboy blue Tassel Earrings make the whole look more fashionable.

With different high-heeled shoes, you will look taller.

Fabrics can also create different effects.

Simple high-heeled shoes not only play the practicability of flat shoes, but also highly modify the body shape.

If you think lace hollowed out items are too cumbersome, avoid some cumbersome design items and choose simple basic items, which can better show your own unique charm.

Lace, broken flowers, stripes, casual collocation, highlighting personality; They are either one or two necklines, gentle and provocative.

So how to choose the right pants of this style? The straight neck can better show the lines of both legs, revealing the thin clavicle and soft chest lines.

Triangular collar shows small face and long neck.

If you are not satisfied with your height, you can try this version.

Match it with a white T, concave one.

The trousers are warped on the chest, three-dimensional and a little clever.

A girl with a micro horn figure can choose, but she is also strong.

The bottomed shirt of the same color system can show thin, elegant and retro style.

High heeled shoes do not require high height, and white is also good.

The same color is the same bottomed shirt, which matches with the wide leg pants.

The long coat and white one necked suit are very versatile.

Temperament European and American style, broken flower lace with small white shoes, neutral and capable modeling.

European and American style three character collar is very elegant.

Lace and geometric patterns give people a more fashionable feeling.

Printed lace, flounce and tassel elements are more fashionable.

European and American style pants, black mature and sexy, white elegant and sexy.

Lace pleats and stripe patterns are also popular items in European and American fashion circles.

It is more popular among big breasted girls, showing high and thin, and pants with lace and geometric patterns are more versatile.

For collarless Lapel look, we can choose black leggings.

The styles of holes and diagonal shoulders are very elegant and thin.

Elegant and gentle, the lace pants with geometric patterns have a more retro feeling.

Today’s fast fashion geometric print vest is really practical and thin.

People can wear straight pants without knowing it.

European and American Style Lace stripes are more sexy.

Black and white can also be used.

With high waist jeans inside, tall people can also be slender.

Pure color T-shirts with slim cut lace pants are elegant and sexy, chic broken flowers, and exudes visual beauty.

Pleated pants are also the basic style of solid color.

The waist closing design of pleated pants is more elegant, which reduces the sense of existence of waist line.

Matching with high-heeled shoes makes you full of style.

Short pleated pants can not only make the body look more slender, but also modify the vacant parts of thighs and hips.

The long pleated pants can stretch the body shape.

Everyone really has a pair of thin pants.

Try it on.

Many times, it looks like a very common piece, which can create different shapes when matched well…

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