The touching Yoga Pants add calm temperament, open the elegant and beautiful mode, simple and atmospheric

The touching Yoga Pants add calm temperament, open the elegant and beautiful mode, and are simple and atmospheric.

I think the matching and sharing of yoga pants is very basic.

No matter what body type of girl, as long as you pay attention to what color you wear on your body, you won’t make mistakes.

Even if you can’t see the body type again, you can also increase your advantages in trying to match.

Oh ~ girls with temperament can increase straps.

It’s not recommended to wear lovers’ clothes.

It will look strange and ugly, It feels like two ugly ducklings are standing together.

In fact, if the strap is solid color, it is not bad.

You can wear your own style and look better.

However, if the strap is broken flower, or other color contrast or other designed elements, the upper body effect will be better ~ for example, if the upper body is light pink, then the lower body can wear light white wide leg pants and white shoes, In this way, it will be more tender.

You can match flat sandals or sneakers.

It’s OK to wear clothes with high saturation on the upper body, which is easy to appear a little black and not fashionable enough.

Therefore, if you don’t wear clothes with high saturation, you can match pink clothes, such as beige or light beige on the lower body, and white or beige T-shirts inside, It can highlight the high-level sense.

In this way, it will be more white, temperament, more inclined to the goddess model, or with a little feminine charm, which will brighten people’s eyes.

The lower body is not pure color, or it is a T-shirt with more abstract patterns.

It can also better set off the lines of the legs and be more beautiful.

You can wear a light blue knitted vest, but the color is white, You can see the difference when wearing it on your body.

If you are big and tall, don’t wear this color.

You must wear gray, because black will appear to have a big belly.

If you want to be thinner, you can choose gray, but if you are too short, don’t wear it.

It will look very rustic ~ this dark black dress is worn on your body, Whether you wear it in the forest, late at night or during the day, it will bring people a beautiful illusion and make people want to dance, and the light can create a beautiful atmosphere.

If you are afraid of the dark, it is recommended not to get a very dark light.

In the daytime, even if you are so dark, there is a great feeling that you can’t see the shortcomings ~ of course, Black may think of the word “stealth aircraft” in your mind, which makes people feel strong and stylish, and also has the effect of beautiful legs and thin.

But I think it’s wrong with me.

It doesn’t look good in any way.

Clothes are like doing something wrong.

It’s embarrassing.

When you see me say this, don’t be angry.

In fact, even if you wear them like this, It won’t let people see that there is something wrong.

If someone says it, it means you’re not looking at a pair of pants.

Chiffon pants of this material are very suitable for girls with pear shaped figure.

It’s thinner and more beautiful to cover meat.

It can be matched with a jacket or jacket, which makes you feel that small white shoes have a very unexpected effect.

Japan will launch at least one or two different yoga pants every year, But the most impressive one is the chiffon yoga pants.

If you just look at the pictures above, you will think they are very good-looking yoga pants, but in fact, this Hip Wrap pants are the thinnest.

Look at yourself, OK?..

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