Chic and fashionable yoga pants look chic and have temperament, reflecting slender beautiful legs, simple and pure

Chic and fashionable yoga pants look chic and temperament, reflecting slender beautiful legs, simple and pure.

The collocation of Yoga Pants needs to consider not only the color collocation, but also the material! It’s good for ordinary people to buy T-Shirts in summer.

It’s just that they often spend too much money on washing T-shirts.

It’s not good for ordinary people to change T-shirts.

Today, let’s talk about the matching precautions of T-shirts.

[most of the above pictures are purchased directly online, but a small number of shops that buy clothes are self operated by wechat merchants] three elements of T-shirt matching: color, material and style.

The first step is to get ready to buy the color and material of clothes in the current season.

For example, if the current season is popular blue, you can now buy light blue T-shirts.

Different colors and materials will have a certain matching effect.

The second step is to prepare the material and color of the coat in the current season.

For example, if the coat is a yoga pants, the coat can be eliminated before buying and matching clothes to avoid monotonous color matching.

[as shown in the picture, these are purchased directly, but have certain matching and utilization effect] step 3: match the colors appropriately.

Generally, the coat recommends versatile colors, such as purple, gray and blue.

This color can be matched with other colors while maintaining the distinction between primary and secondary colors.

[the clothes above can be purchased directly or go to the store, but I don’t think the quality of clothes is reliable as that of physical stores.

First, the style of the store is limited, second, the service attitude is poor, and the quality of small pendant is not as good as a dollar] take white yoga pants as an example to explain in detail [pay attention to color matching] [color] when matching, the colors must be similar and adjacent, Can’t jump too big.

[material] generally, there are many T-shirts made of cotton, denim, nylon, blended and so on.

Here, denim is easier to wear, but different from the above three, it is not easy to make mistakes in matching.

[version I] the slim yoga pants are good-looking and thin, but they are relatively difficult to match, which is not good for the upper body.

Fat people tend to look ugly, and thin people look thin.

Cowboy yoga pants of this type are difficult to wear in the same color, so they need to be matched with appropriate clothes.

I’d like to summarize the generally versatile color yoga pants.

For example, these two styles can also be worn by boys or light color yoga pants.

Blue denim yoga pants do not need to be matched with socks.

They look good with black and white.

Generally speaking, it should be a relatively calm style of the upper body, which is easy to the upper body and not easy to make mistakes at the same time.

[attention to different color matching] regular Red: pay attention to the color difference.

Generally, regular red, a relatively bright color, needs to be matched with similar colors to avoid dull effect.

Generally, three colors are enough.

[material] different colors and materials will lead to different color matching.

For example, black T-shirts with orange and green will make mistakes.

It is suggested that there should be no more than two colors.

Finally, we should pay attention to the color matching.

Unless there must be colored clothes, we don’t need too many colors.

[attention to different collocations on the version] as shown in the figure, the front model collocation of this T-shirt is more interesting, so it is not shown in the figure one by one.

The figure shall prevail.

[clothes out of purchase] the front clothes are ready to be eliminated, because the color is too flowery, too large and too dark, and you will get tired of it after a period of time.

However, it should be noted that you should try to choose a good-looking style when eliminating it! Otherwise, no matter how good it looks, it’s useless if you don’t have time to wash it…

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