Gorgeous and elegant yoga pants, fashionable and temperament for age reduction, wearing a beautiful fashion personality, comfortable and

Gorgeous and elegant yoga pants are fashionable and temperament for age reduction.

They wear beautiful fashion personality and are comfortable and stylish.

There is a secret to the matching of Yoga Pants: Although the pants will be fat when the hem is large, we can use some yoga pants to cover up our shortcomings and show our advantages.

In order to match yoga pants, the upper body should not be too monotonous and the lower body should not be too bloated.

You can choose the combination of exposed ankle and high waist, which is tall, thin and fashionable.


Several common styles of intellectual yoga pants are recommended, as shown in the figure below.

Reason: its own style is matched with intellectual temperament and literary style.

Intellectual temperament is strongly recommended.

For example, this pink yoga pants in the picture is matched with the basic denim jacket to highlight the fresh color sense.

Matching a black headdress can make the style instantly intellectual and elegant.

Wear with white canvas shoes, casual and comfortable.

This basic suspender yoga pants do not have too much fancy art card effect.

It is the simplest wear, fashionable and beautiful, and very versatile.

Although the style is relatively simple, it is also a style that does not pick the body, and there is no disadvantage of highlighting the leg shape at all.

Be sure to remember that the upper body is designed with a high waist line to show height and thin.

It is a very necessary style.

Match with a pair of canvas shoes for fashion and leisure.

Especially thin and tall, many girls will also have the effect of small waist.

What needs to be reminded is that this kind of suspender pants is very picky.

The little sister with too perfect facial features and too plump figure can stay away from it, which is very fat.

A wave of shoulder belt pants.

The basic coat can be medium and long, which can effectively avoid the embarrassment of closing the waist.

Although the basic style of jacket will choose lace up design, but there is no effect of waist retraction, and the line of the lower body is not obvious.

Match it with half pants without hemming at the hem.

Girls who are not plump in the lower body and have no muscles can also show your beautiful legs.

Girls with muscles should wear clothes.

A pair of high heels, elegant gentleman.

This coat should not be too suitable for girls.

It is designed with versatile temperament and matched with half pants without edge sealing at the hem, which is slim.

Very temperament.

In order to quickly understand other styles of intellectual yoga pants, we can choose shoulder belt pants for this look, which can highlight intellectual temperament.

Medium length style, slim and slim.

With a pair of silk stockings, you can go directly to the upper body.

The key point of the lower body is to slim down.

Try not to wear any other tight pants, Hip Wrap pants, naked silk stockings + boots, showing a soft and feminine flavor.

A pair of canvas shoes, fashionable and comfortable.


Recommend several slim yoga pants that look tall and thin.

You are the most beautiful girl in this street and most suitable for tall little sisters.

Come on, let’s take a look at the most common items that show the length of legs.

They are matched with high waist pants.

The length of legs is 1.8 meters, which is not a dream.

Don’t envy us that we are not tall enough, but we can rely on high waist.

The model’s height is 178 and her legs are 1.8 meters long.

It’s not a dream.

I choose this type of pants.

High waist pants + long ankle high boots can not only show thin but also show long legs.


It is suitable to wear pants with contrast.

Contrast color is a very colorful wear and match, and can produce strong visual effect at the same time.


Matching the same color with similar color, matching the similar color, and matching the top / lower body with the same color, there will be enough contrast and fashion sense.

The same color, as the name suggests, is the same color system as the whole clothes.

As shown in the left figure, the color of clothes and body looks the same.

Although it looks to be used as a whole, it has a weak sense of fashion…

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