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Chic and trendy yoga pants are full of modern style, comfortable, generous and elegant

Chic and trendy yoga pants are full of modern style, comfortable, generous and elegant.

The matching of yoga pants has always been a headache for many fairies, not to mention the fresh yoga pants of vacation style.

The fairy is the perfect duck! It’s OK to choose according to your body proportion.

It’s more slender to show a little ankle.

The sense of hierarchy and hierarchy are three-dimensional.

In the details, add bright colors to increase the overall sense of the picture.

It can be more intuitive to look at it from a close distance and find the feeling slowly! The overall collocation is visually thin and tall.

Tall people can be taller and more suitable.

They will have their own aura.

Red is an indispensable color system in daily life.

Large area red looks lively and suitable for spring.

It looks warm and energetic ~ wide leg straight pants, thin and long legs, and thin at the same time.

It is an essential dress for every little fairy, White wide leg pants will be more fresh and pleasing to the eye when walking in front.

They can also be worn everyday.

The texture of light beige is very clean.

When combined with other pants, they are suitable for matching in summer.

Casual freshness is the most suitable.

Matching with more trinkets can better highlight the overall feeling ~ yellow open fork is thin and beautiful.

When paired with denim shorts, they are very distinctive as a whole, It looks good in every way! Thin and beautiful wine red.

For colors with high saturation in a large area, it can be avoided by turning complexity into simplicity.

Otherwise, it is easy to wear out the visual sense of rural non mainstream.

Therefore, light wine red will not be as eye-catching as black.

Simple collocation makes it very fresh.

Beige is very versatile.

It looks fresh when worn with denim shorts.

It’s generous and clean.

It’s just a very gentle and everyday dress.

Take a good look.

The flower red T-shirt is special, like a soft teddy bear.

It’s also one of the hot elements recently.

The combination of white hem and white upper body is very simple.

It can break the boredom through bright color, The style of one shoulder puffy sleeves and off shoulder is the feeling of Korean personality ~ with light blue wide leg shorts, it looks slender, light blue and light one-line collar design, which is very thin and temperament.

A low-key and neutral basic style.

Dark blue pants are familiar to everyone.

Dark blue pants look relatively low-key and won’t be noticed.

When paired with a black coat, they appear to have texture and contrast.

The wide leg pants on the lower body are very loose and thin, neutralizing too much black to increase color contrast.

The loose version looks very symmetrical legs, and the belt sets off the sense of thin, Put on the T-shirt of literature and art fresh department, revealing youth and playfulness.

This hanging skirt is thin and light.

Compared with the suspender skirt, the upper body is more casual, and the wide leg shorts on the lower body are very long and loose.

Such matching is invincible and shows the length of legs! High collar stitched yoga pants are the most low-key, not picky, very versatile style, which can set off the white skin color.

You can consider wearing them like this on vacation.

You can wear one at will, which can also appear lady and feminine while on vacation…

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