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The yoga teacher said that downward dog pose is rest. Why do you get tired the more you practice?!

When practicing yoga, teachers usually use downward dog pose as a rest and transition, and will tell us that maintaining downward dog pose can eliminate fatigue and restore lost energy.

In particular, the downward dog pose is used for rest, transition and adjustment in the A & B series exercises of Ashtanga and Bairi.

▲ worship the sun a ▲ worship the sun B, but many people say that the more they practice the downward dog pose, the more tired they are, and they can’t rest at all.

Why? In fact, it is easy to understand that downward dog pose is used as a transitional pose, because downward dog pose can well connect different types of poses to make the practice smoother.

At the same time, it can balance the body energy and have a complete cycle as soon as possible.

Why is downward dog pose used as a “rest” pose in yoga? The last reasonable answer to this question is: from the perspective of human muscle energy and physiology, palm pressing can regulate the functions of nerves, glands and Qi and blood.

The extension of arms can drive the functions of cervical spine, shoulders and chest.

Breathing in the state of downward dog can also strengthen the heart and lungs and regulate the functions of brain and heart.

The flexion and extension of the thigh can affect the waist, abdomen and spine, the connection between the leg muscles and the soles and heels, and can stretch the waist, back and caudal vertebrae.

The foot is full of nerves.

The depression of the foot can regulate the kidney function and the deficiency heat of Qi and blood, relax tendons and activate blood circulation.

Therefore, a complete downward dog pose can not only make the blood circulate to the extremities, but also make the body fully stretch and relax.

Therefore, in yoga, downward dog pose is often used as rest and transition pose.

If you are still very tired in this rest and transition posture, especially for beginners of yoga, there are problems such as wrist pain, weakness of legs, inability to extend your arms, arch your back, and inability to rotate your pelvis.

That means you haven’t mastered this pose well.

There is still a lot of room for growth in your physical quality.

You need long-term and correct practice to improve it.

There is no shortcut to yoga.

Today, we will share several auxiliary practice methods of downward dog pose for beginners, which can help you quickly find the feeling of correctly practicing downward dog pose: (1) with the help of Yoga brick and wall practice, we can help Jia people better extend their legs, spine and arms, and help the shoulder joint in the right position.

(2) With the help of the auxiliary practice method of Yoga blanket and pillow, you can also replace the pillow and blanket with yoga bricks for auxiliary practice.

Such assistance can help Jia people complete this pose more easily and slowly find a comfortable, resting and relaxing feeling.

(3) Auxiliary exercises can be carried out with the help of stretching belt or wall rope.

If there is no wall rope, auxiliary exercises can also be carried out with the help of wall.

Such assistance can help Jia people reduce the pressure on the trunk and both arms.

At the same time, it can also help Jia people shift back to the center of gravity of the body and make the whole downward dog feel light.

(4) With the help of yoga chair assisted practice, this kind of assistance can make Jia people find the feeling of spinal extension, double arm push and sitting bone backward and upward in downward dog pose.

(5) In the downward dog pose with the help of teachers or peers, the teacher’s assistance can enable Jia people to find the correct starting point, their shortcomings in the downward dog pose, and how to improve according to the teacher’s guidance.

We can find the correct way to relax and improve the dog’s body style, and we can find the next way to relax and improve the dog’s body style! ▼▼ if you want to learn more follow-up videos ▼▼ recommend good lessons and good things in the near future, and select yoga products in the lower left corner..

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