“Crotch big” Yoga Pants beauty, worthy of reference and try, very practical

“Crotch big” Yoga Pants beauty, worthy of reference and try, very practical.

Although the matching of yoga pants is simple, it still needs skills to look good.

Today we will talk about the different yoga pants matched in those seasons.

Yoga pants can be worn not only at all ages, but also at all ages.

From the age of 20 to 30, I put on yoga pants, from knee to calf.

At the same time, I was too thin.

Also, when the waist is too big to wear, you can add a belt.

With the growth of age and the degree of obesity and thinness, the matching skills of yoga pants are also different.

After all, everyone’s dressing style is also different.

We should first find out what we wear before we can find the corresponding yoga pants.

(different collocation skills should be used at every age stage) there are many simple and clear collocations, but some items are really good-looking, while others are not.

I think simple and clear collocations are good-looking and can wear their own characteristics.


Fold and match, thin legs wear high waist silk stockings, thin legs wear low waist silk stockings are relatively short, just like the above, it is not balanced, and high waist and thin legs wear high waist will not be easy to make mistakes.

If the collocation is all white, the coat is equipped with high waist stripes.

It must be short if you don’t pay attention to it, and the hem will be short or long.

In fact, it’s better to choose a wide top and narrow bottom.

A small size shows a large size.

In this way, you can wear a tough look, and the loose middle swing shows a fat appearance.


It’s also a small skill to match the overcoat with yoga pants.

I don’t know if you know it.

The wearing method of the overcoat is lappon, but some collocations need to be paid attention to, that is, the coat has a strong three-dimensional sense, and don’t be too fat.

I’m about 100 here, so I must wear thinner.

The very wide and loose oversized clothes with ultra wide hem will be fat.

The following is a good solution to this problem.

Of course, the most interesting thing is that Yoga Pants themselves are very good-looking and stylish.

In fact, they are also a good combination with coats.

All styles are suitable for matching.

But it should be noted that the hem of the coat must be stuffed into the coat.

Pay attention to the slightly fat tall and short men and women.

Those who are too fat are not suitable for horn sleeves and wide pants.

Then, because the coat is relatively loose, try not to choose the super loose one.


Ankle exposed jacket the most important thing is to wear ankle exposed jacket.

Thin people can wear it or not.

Some loose Martin boots can’t match.

It’s difficult to wear a stylish mix and match.

So if you want to highlight your personal characteristics, don’t casually put on thick cotton pants.

Although they will look good, they are not good enough.

So it’s not difficult to wear ankle exposed, and it’s eye-catching.

If you like it, just wear it like me.

The price is not expensive.


Split skirt wearing nude high heels, I now wear high heels are very casual, generally nude high heels, those lace with high length is not difficult to wrap the hips.

And the back will be more slim.

Some collocations I think will be short, such as cropped pants with high heels, which are very prominent regardless of short or thick legs.

So be sure to wear high heels.

No matter how thick or short your legs are, you can decorate them as long as they are thin…

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