Curly belly boring? Don’t you feel it? This set of ball yoga will burst your abdomen every minute!

Click the blue word “home women’s Manual” at the top to pay attention! For women with meat around the waist and abdomen, what should they do if they want to be thin and don’t want to do curling abdomen and flat support? Don’t be afraid, today Xiaobian has compiled a set of yoga ball thin belly sequence, which is not only more interesting, but also safer than the traditional curling belly.

For Jia people who want to lose waist and abdomen fat, the effect is particularly good.

Hurry to practice with the moving picture! Action 01 lie on your back on the yoga mat, hold your hands on the back of your head, press your heels on the yoga ball, straighten your legs and exhale, close your stomach and roll up, bend your knees and inhale, restore, and practice dynamically for 12-15 times.

Action 02 lie on your back on the yoga mat, bend your knees and lift your hands to hold the yoga ball, exhale above your shoulders, roll up your stomach, straighten your legs and inhale and restore, Dynamic exercises 12-15 times action 03 lie on your back on the yoga mat, hold the elastic ball with both hands, exhale and roll your belly up, touch the ball alternately with both legs up and down, pay attention to keep your shoulders relaxed, tighten the core, keep dynamic exercises 12-15 times action 04 lie on your back on the yoga mat, hold the ball with both hands above your chest, bend your legs, exhale and bend your right knee, twist your body to the left, inhale and restore, exhale and bend your left knee, Twist the body to the right and keep dynamic practice for 12-15 times on each side.

05 keep the supine position, clamp the yoga ball on the inner side of the lower leg, exhale, roll the abdomen slightly, lift the chest off the ground, clamp the ball on both legs and lift the legs up and down.

Practice for 12 times.

06 move the left elbow on the ground, clamp the yoga mat on the inner side of both legs on the side of the body, tighten the breath at the core, and the right elbow drives the body to the left to twist and inhale to restore, Practice 12-15 times of action 07 on each side, keep the preparation posture of action 06, keep the shoulders and pelvis in a straight line on the side lying cushion, clamp the yoga ball on the inner side of the lower leg, cooperate with breathing and exhaling, lift the legs up, inhale, restore and maintain the dynamic practice of 12-15 times of action 08 on each side, get ready, land on the right knee, straighten the left leg, and pay attention to the straightening of the hip, Put the yoga ball on the side of the right hand to support the exhalation, push the yoga ball on the side of the right hand, stretch and inhale on the left side to restore, keep dynamic practice on each side for 12-15 times, 09 support the front of the lower leg on the yoga ball, tighten the core with both hands, exhale parallel to the ground, bend both knees and take the ball forward, support and find the abdomen to inhale, restore, and keep dynamic practice for 12-15 times.

Rome was not built in a day, In addition to strengthening waist and abdomen exercise, you should also pay attention not to overeat in your diet! This set of ball yoga thin belly sequence is recommended to practice 2-3 times a week for 1 month, which will make you thin! The copyright belongs to the creator.

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