This set of yoga practice every day, naturally thin waist and thin legs do not rebound!


Mountain prayer – standing and bending forward – Magic chair mountain standing, put your hands together in front of your chest, inhale, extend your spine, exhale and relax your shoulders for 20-30 seconds, inhale, lift your hands up over your head, exhale your torso forward and down, put your hands on the front of your body for 20-30 seconds, bend your knees, slowly straighten your arms upward, enter the magic chair for 20-30 seconds 4-6 Downward dog – upward dog – bow lie prone on the cushion surface, with both feet the same width as the hip, put both hands on both sides of the chest, exhale, hip up, straighten the legs, extend the trunk, straighten the arms, exhale for 20-30 seconds, move the body forward through the legs and lift off the ground, straighten the arms, pay attention not to shrug, and lie prone on the cushion surface for 20-30 seconds, Bend your knees, hold your ankles backward with both hands, exhale your legs backward and upward, lead your body backward and upward for 20-30 seconds 7-8.

Beam angle – sit on the cushion surface with your feet together, inhale and extend your spine, exhale your torso forward and downward, hold the palms of your front feet with both hands, stand for 20-30 seconds, and inhale and extend your spine with your feet at an appropriate distance, Exhale your torso forward and downward, hold the front soles of your feet with both hands for 20-30 seconds 9-10.

Warrior 2 – triangular twist mountain standing, open your feet for a distance longer than one leg, turn your left foot, lift your left heel to the arch of your right foot, hold your hands flat, exhale and bend your left knee down 90 degrees for 20-30 seconds, stand in mountain standing on the other side, open your feet for a distance less than one leg, turn your left foot to point straight ahead, The right foot is 60 degrees outward, the trunk is facing the right left, inhale and extend the spine, exhale the trunk forward and downward, parallel to the ground, twist the body to the left for 20-30 seconds, change the other side 11-13, exhaust – Cat cow type, lie on your back on the cushion surface, bend your knees close to the abdomen, hold the front of your legs with both hands, kneel on the cushion surface for 20-30 seconds, open your hands and knees, inhale with the same width as your hips, and raise your chest, Exhalation includes chest arch back notice section one section of extended spine repeated exercise 5-8 groups.

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