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Early discovery and early correction are three common mistakes made by yoga beginners!

When beginners practice yoga, they will inevitably make a lot of mistakes if they don’t understand the positive position.

Today, Xiaobian collected three mistakes that students are easy to make.

Let’s see if there are wood and you?                 1.

Wrong rotation when raising your hand over your head} no matter which yoga pose, if your arms are raised over your head and your armpits protrude, you may be squeezing your shoulder joints.

Look at the following diagram: keep the palm facing down and slowly raise it to the same height as the shoulder.

At this time, when the two bones (acromion and humeral head) are close to each other, they will squeeze into the supraspinatus muscle, which is one of the main causes of shoulder joint injury.

Solution: turn the big arm outward, make the elbow socket face the direction of the head, and expand the shoulder blade.


Knee collapse.

The knee is a flexion and garrison joint and cannot rotate or bend laterally.

There are ligaments on both sides of the knee.

Stabilize it.

In yoga asana, the knees should not be outward or inward, otherwise they will squeeze the ligaments.

There are also some postures, because the hip joint is too stiff, resulting in knee injury.

Solution: check the orientation of your knees with your eyes.

Open your hips before you try some poses.

Use accessories, such as the following figure.


Use your arms to force yourself into the asana, which is common in twisting and backward bending asanas, such as snake asana.

If you force yourself into asana with the strength of your arms, it is not only useless, but also easy to hurt your shoulders and back, and the pressure on your shoulders and neck will increase.

For example, in supine torsion, if you force your shoulder down, you will hurt the front of your shoulder.

In snake pose, entering the pose with your arms will squeeze your lumbar spine, cervical spine and shoulders.

The right should extend the spine equally and strengthen it at the same time.

Solution: use the right muscles to complete the pose, and the spine extends equally in scoliosis.

Practicing yoga, a good beginning is half the success.

Light up and look good together..

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