How to nourish the liver in spring? Try this liver detoxification Yoga sequence (collection level)

On the way of yoga, we should pay attention to the liver in spring.

The five elements in spring belong to wood, and the liver in the five internal organs of the human body belongs to wood, so the spring Qi connects the liver.

In spring, the liver Qi is vigorous and rises, the fingernails are shiny and people’s spirit is refreshed.

If liver Qi rises too much or liver Qi stagnates, it is easy to damage the liver.

The liver can store blood and transmit Qi and blood to the whole body.

When the nerves are too nervous, too tired, under pressure and too angry, it will hurt the liver, affect the digestive function, feel the pain under the ribs and lower abdomen, get angry easily, and the body is easy to cramp.

If your constitution becomes weak, your eyesight will also decline, so you should rest more, relax your body and mind, and do some exercises to relieve muscle tension.

How to make the liver Qi smooth? In traditional Chinese medicine, the liver meridian corresponding to the liver starts from the big toe of the foot up along the inner side of the leg thigh, through the lower abdomen, holding both sides of the stomach, up into the nasopharynx, up and the governor’s pulse will be at the top of the head.

Another branch separates from the liver, passes through the diaphragm and flows upward into the lung.

In order to prevent stagnation of liver qi, you can practice some yoga postures to stretch the liver meridian.

2 yoga postures stretching the liver meridian 1 Toe in toe pose with the soles of the feet facing each other.

The knees sink and the hands can be extended forward.

The chest looks for the toes and the chin looks for the ground.

Keep it for 3-5 minutes.

2 Sitting angle type legs open their maximum angle.

Both hands can extend the chest forward to find the ground, keep the foot hook upward for 3-5 minutes.

How to detoxify the liver is the first choice.

Yoga twist posture is the largest detoxification organ of the human body.

When the detoxification function of the liver is weakened, the toxin will accumulate more and more, resulting in long spots, acne, hair loss, excessive oil, insomnia, breast tumor and other problems.

Yoga torsion can help the liver detoxify.

When released from torsion, a large amount of blood enters the liver and washes out toxins.

Liver detoxification yoga asana is recommended to practice 5 times in the morning after sun worship warm-up 1 Twist half moon pose starts from triangle pose, put a yoga brick in front, focus forward, do half moon pose first, put your left hand on the brick, extend your right hand upward, straighten your right leg backward for 5 breaths, look down, put your right hand on the brick, open your left hand upward and keep breathing for 8-10 times for 2 Sitting posture spine twist, legs dish lotus or simply sit with your right hand on the outside of your left knee, and keep your left hand behind you for 8-10 breaths, and change sides for 3 Sit upright, put your right foot on the outside of your left knee, support your right hand back on the ground, put your left hand against the outside of your right knee, twist back, look behind, keep breathing for 8-10 times, and change sides 4 Standing twist starts from mountain pose, first do the hand grasping big toe pose, raise and straighten the right leg, grasp the right toe with the right hand and keep breathing for 5 times, then grasp the right toe with the left hand and spread the right hand backward, look at the rear and keep breathing for 8-10 times, and change sides for 5 Side angle twist starts from the side angle, with the left knee 90 °, the right leg straightened, and then twist to the left, with the left elbow against the outside of the right knee, with both hands folded, look at the left rear, keep 8-10 breaths, and change sides to detoxify, so as to better lose weight – leave a message with a prize – today’s topic: nourishing the liver in spring.

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