Daily yoga for 5 minutes – ox noodles

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Welcome to the daily yoga for 5 minutes.

Today I want to share with you the cow noodle pose.

Quickly spread the yoga mat and start our yoga practice! Cow face preparation position: Mountain sitting position.

Action practice: sit in mountain pose with your legs straight forward and parallel.

Put your hands on the ground on both sides of your body.

Keep your back straight and look straight ahead.

Breathe naturally.

Bend your legs, pass your left leg under your right leg, and put your left foot on the outside of your right hip; Then put your right foot on the outside of your left hip and overlap your knees; Inhale and raise your left arm above your head; Put the right arm behind the hip with the palm facing back; Exhale, bend your elbows and clasp your hands together; Inhale, open your chest and keep your back straight; Breathe in front of your spine and keep your hands close to your core for 30 seconds.

Then practice on the other side.

Asana efficacy: cow face pose can release the pressure around the shoulders, flexible shoulders and promote respiratory function at the same time.

It can also stretch knee joints and ankle joints, cure leg cramps and keep leg muscles elastic.

Relieve the spine, eliminate fatigue, improve energy, make the body lighter and softer, so as to eliminate the feeling of boredom and melancholy.

Note: when beginners practice, do not arch your back with your chest.

If your hands can’t be buckled behind your back, you can use extension belt and towel to assist, and your hands can grasp the belt.

(you can also refer to the methods taught by teacher qianya in the short video to improve.) The pictures / pictures are for reference only.

Please follow the teacher’s on-site password for practice…

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