Here’s your big hip yoga and long legs

To ask which part of a woman’s body is the most attractive, the hips must occupy the top three positions.

The hips are plump and good-looking, and can make you look longer! Today, I will share 9 yoga postures to activate gluteal muscles, create peach hips, tighten legs and keep practicing.

The effect is better! 01.

Stand in the magic chair mountain pose, lift your hands on the side, bend your hips and knees, push your hips backward and downward, lower your thighs downward, push your lower legs back and lift your chest up, relax and sink your shoulders, tighten your thigh muscles, and keep 8-10 breaths 02.

Keep the magic chair twist in the upper pose, put your hands in front of your chest, keep your hips motionless, twist your upper body to the left, turn your right elbow against the outside of your left knee, turn your head to the left and rear, Keep 8-10 breaths with palms pushing each other, change the other side 03.

Double angle type, keep your feet more than one leg apart, fold your upper body down from your hips, clasp your hands with ten fingers behind your back, keep your hands away from your body, keep your head on the ground, straighten your legs, keep 8-10 breaths 04.

Triangular double angle type entry, straighten your upper body, extend your right foot 90 degrees outward, buckle your left foot 45 degrees inward, and lift your hands flat on your side, Bend the body to the right, grasp the shin of the lower leg with the right hand, turn the left hand upward, keep the navel of the chest towards the front, keep 8-10 breaths, change the other side 05, low lunge triangular entry, turn the left foot towards the front, keep the instep of the left knee close to the ground, lift the arms of both hands on the vertical cushion surface of the right leg, extend the spine upward, and sink the hip downward, open the chest and keep 8-10 breaths, change the other side 06, warrior three low lunge entry, Bend over, move the center of gravity forward, lift the left leg off the ground to the same height as the hip, straighten the right leg, keep the hip horizontal, lift the hands flat in front, extend the fingertips, keep the arm, spine in line with the left leg, keep 8-10 breaths, change the other side 07, enter the king of dance warrior in three ways, bend the left knee, hold the instep from the inside of the left foot, extend the right hand forward, slowly lift the left leg upward, and lift the left thigh upward, Push the lower leg back to keep 8-10 breaths, change the other side 08.

Exit the downward dog dance king style, enter the downward dog style, relax the neck and shoulders, expand the armpit, retract the abdomen, push the sitting bone to the highest point, tighten and lift the thigh surface, push the front back and step down the heel to keep 8-10 breaths 09.

Sit, twist the spine column, bend the right knee, put the right foot on the outside of the left hip, and bend the right knee, The right leg is placed above the left leg, and the arms drive the body to extend upward and twist the body to the left.

The left hand supports the ground and the right elbow against the outside of the left knee to deepen the torsion and maintain 8-10 breaths.

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