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I often practice these nine yoga movements. My waist is thinner and my temperament is better

Summer is coming.

The fairies all hope to have a tight waist and abdomen and go out beautifully! In addition to the aesthetic purpose, the Slim small waist also has a meaning, that is, it can enhance the strength of the abdomen, waist and back.

9 movements to enhance the strength of the abdomen, waist and back 1.

Lie prone on the inclined plate, straighten your arms, push your palms and push your heels backward, tighten your abdomen and keep 8 breaths 2.

The side plate type starts from the inclined plate, open your body to the left, support the ground with your right hand, raise your hips up, and keep 8 breaths in a straight line with your upper and lower arms, and change sides 3, Side panel variant flexes the left knee, holds the toe of the left knee with the left hand, keeps it hooked back, keeps it stable, keeps 8 breaths, changes sides 4, high start takes a big step forward with the left foot from the downward dog pose, the left knee is vertical to the ground, the hind leg extends straight to inhale, the arm extends upward to keep 8 breaths, changes sides 5, high start + twist, keep the legs still, exhale, twist the body to the left, and extend both ends of the arms, Exhale deeply, twist, keep 5 breaths, change sides 6, sit in a boat position, hold your hands behind your hips, lift your legs upward, bend your knees first, then straighten your arms forward, and keep 8 breaths 7, King Kong kneeling variant, keep your knees together, put your toes back on your hips, sit back on your heels, put your hands together, put your thumb fingers gently against your chest, and keep 8 breaths 8, square sitting position, bend your knees and right feet on your back, Put your legs parallel to the cushion surface of your legs, keep 8 breaths 9, square + bend forward and exhale, fold your body forward, extend your arms forward, touch your forehead gently to the ground and keep 8 breaths.

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