Indian ancient Dharma Yoga Arjun [Arjun course]

Diastolic pressure? Become beautiful? Treatment? The benefits of yoga to you are not limited to this.

Indian yoga, which has been tested for 5000 years, Arjun believes that it should not be the patent of young people, but should be suitable for young and old people.

In 2009, his graduation thesis concluded the relationship between yoga and memory, which shocked many yoga professionals.

He believes that yoga is the best gift for children.

When people are young, they can practice yoga in a steady and attentive way, and naturally cultivate the process of doing things.

The latest research in the United States coincides with Al Jun.

people who often practice yoga (especially the middle-aged and elderly) have better memory.

▲ Ying caier takes Jasper to practice yoga, which is also a secret collection for the health and happiness of the elderly.

With age, the risk of disease increases physically, muscles become stiff, and joints may lose range of motion.

Emotionally and psychologically, the elderly have a higher rate of depression and anxiety.

Fortunately, practicing yoga in old age can not only strengthen the limbs and promote blood circulation, but also regulate the state of mind, help sleep and calm the mind.

It is yoga that has benefits for men, women, young and old.

In 2014, the United Nations established June 21 as the international yoga festival.

Without going abroad, follow master al Jun ↓ learn authentic yoga and heal your body and mind ↓ identify the QR code below and learn to be a natural beauty.

CCTV invited him to China twice.

He taught authentic Yoga all over the world.

Al Jun’s teaching scope covers more than 20 countries such as China, the United States and Australia.

In China alone, CCTV, Hubei satellite TV, Southeast satellite TV and other television stations and enterprises have invited more than 335 times.

Because of the nourishment of yoga, in the eyes of students, aljun always has inexhaustible energy.

After 10 hours of classes, he is full of anger.

According to the data survey in 2018, there are more than 100 million potential yoga practitioners in China.

However, where do yoga coaches in gyms across the country get professional recognition? Where does the certificate come from? We don’t know.

Few people know that some yoga teachers teach others after just one month of practice.

Not only did it not work, but it got into trouble.

In order to train more professional yoga instructors, Arjun established a Yoga Workshop in China in 2011, which attracted a large number of Yoga lovers to sign up.

Senior yoga instructor, sister Gao, is one of them.

▲ sister Gao obtained the authoritative Yoga qualification certificate.

“After studying with Mr.

Arjun, I opened five Yoga halls in a row.” Mention al Jun, her gratitude is beyond expression.

Before meeting al Jun, sister Gao had been full of love for yoga and had studied for 8 years.

During this period, she saw too many people trying to make money by holding yoga training classes.

Until, she waited for teacher Arjun and systematically studied the original Indian Yoga with him.

From theory to practice, from mind to body, we have experienced unprecedented professionalism and investment.

Yoga also brings her physical health, changes in shape, and more inner cultivation.

Elder sister Gao, who is becoming more and more beautiful and gentle, has aljun’s affirmation.

She finally graduated with confidence! In 2014, sister Gao personally took the students to practice yoga, and even opened a yoga studio, which is closer to Indian Yoga itself from the decoration to the teaching content.

Because the Yoga content taught is pure and scarce, there is an endless stream of students signing up.

Until today, her yoga studio has opened to {the fifth branch! His yoga has influenced 100000 people and has devoted the first half of his life to yoga.

In the experience of mentor Arjun, what is touching is perhaps that he is proficient in almost all yoga and has won countless honors.

He has won many international Yoga competitions.

Up to now, many national television stations and enterprises have designated al Jun as the only one to give lectures.

But what is more moving is that from the age of 9 to now, Al Jun has been engaged in yoga for 28 years.

Yoga has been studied and practiced for 28 years, physiotherapy teaching for 15 years, workshops and training courses for more than 500 times, and more than 100000 students worldwide.

Like master Nagendra, he has long regarded yoga as a lifelong career.

Perhaps this choice from instinct and heart is the spirit of a real master.

After the end of the offline class, students often take the initiative to hug him or even shed tears.

Because I don’t know when to see the teacher next time.

▲ at the end of the class, students often hug and thank Mr.

al Jun.

if you are reading this article, Congratulations, you are very lucky.

Because you have the opportunity to know the authentic Indian yoga and directly contact the “money can’t hire” heavyweight Yoga Instructor – Arjun.

Because we solemnly invite Mr.

Arjun to record an online class “Indian ancient Dharma yoga”.

In the days when you can’t go far, friends from all over the world can see normal universities anytime, anywhere.

It is a good opportunity for those who want to study Yoga hard and even aspire to engage in yoga industry.

If you’re right, this may be one of the biggest and most authentic yoga you’ve ever been exposed to.

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In the practice of Indian yoga, you may have unexpected harvest: breath lifting: you put down all the anxiety and pressure in your heart in one breath and one breath, and your mood is stable and calm.

Stretching: the body is becoming tall and straight, the fat goes with the sweat, and the sense of line of the body is also clearly visible.

Blood circulation: move and block the meridians, the blood circulation of the whole body is smooth, and the face is more ruddy and shiny than before.

And practicing yoga, the whole person exudes a gentle and calm aura, which is amiable..

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