Introduction to babajika Yoga

Note: due to the epidemic that began in 2020, teachers can’t come to class.

They can’t hold the introduction training of Kriya Yoga until the entry quarantine policy is cancelled.

The training will be announced on the official account in advance for months.

Please pay attention to the official account for training related information.

I Babajika yoga is a synthesis of the teachings of 18 yoga practitioners taught by babajika, with a total of 144 skills (known as kriyas).

For an introduction to Babaji, please read “who is Babaji?” The five branches of Kaya Yoga: kayahada Yoga: including asana (relaxation of the body), energy lock (muscle tightening) and body print (posture of the mind and body).

All these exercises bring health and peace of mind, and can open the main energy channel, namely the meridians, and the energy center, namely the chakras.

Babaji chose an extremely effective asana series, including 18 asanas practiced in stages and in pairs.

In addition to taking good care of the body for health reasons, our body is actually a temple of divinity.

Clea Kundalini (psionic) pranayama: effective breathing exercises to awaken our potential and awareness and circulate among the seven main chakras between the base of the spine and the top of the head.

Pranayama can unlock the potential associated with the seven chakras and energize all five levels of our existence.

Krishna meditation Yoga: learn the science and art of how to control the mind through a series of step-by-step meditation skills, so as to eliminate the subconscious, improve concentration, thinking clarity and imagination, open wisdom, intuition and creativity, reach the samadhi state of rest and realize insight.

Krishna Mantra Yoga: repeat the mantra to open intuition, wisdom and chakras; Truth will replace the self, so that complacency can be concentrated and a lot of energy can be gathered.

At the same time, it will also eliminate the habit patterns of the subconscious mind.

Krishna love Yoga: cultivate our inner desire for divinity.

Including pious worship activities and services to awaken the selfless spirit of fraternity and spiritual happiness; It includes chanting, rituals, pilgrimage and worship.

Seeing the divinity of all living beings, one’s behavior gradually becomes full of love.

All 144 techniques of babajika yoga are divided into three levels of training.

The first and second levels of training are two full days respectively, and the third level of training takes nine full days.

For a detailed and complete introduction to babajika yoga, please see: Kaya Yoga – insight on the path of practice level 1 training (two days) level 1 training will teach some of the 144 skills practiced every day: – eighteen poses conducive to health, relaxation and energy improvement – six stages of powerful breath regulation (called Kaya psionic breath regulation), It is used to awaken and help the energy flow of the subtle layer – seven meditation techniques to purify the subconscious, master the mind, and realize the self and absolute reality.

These are the contents of daily practice, aimed at the physical, emotional and mental body.

Level 2 training (two full days) level 2 training aims to teach how to integrate Kriya Yoga into daily life, and practice every moment of life.

Level 2 training includes the bijasound of chakras and the teaching of mantras.

Teaching contents: a series of breathing methods, meditation, energy lock, body print, how to meditate in daily life and sleep, 24-hour silence, group practice asana, four-hour chanting (for spiritual body), as well as lectures on Kriya Yoga, yoga walk and yoga rest.

The most important part is the seed sound of the seven chakras and the teaching of Mantra (for the intellectual body).

The second level of training will reveal how to integrate Kriya Yoga into all daily activities: during meals, work and even sleep.

Overcome the obstacles of habit and self realization through the practical tools provided by Kriya Yoga.

Level 2 training will deepen our understanding of self-expression at all five survival levels.

Day 1: 6:00: gather, learn the new pranayama and practice it.

7: 00: start 24-hour silence; Professor nityananda kriya meditation; Practice the day’s Krishna pranayama and meditation together.

7: 30: group practice 18 asanas 8:30: breakfast 9:00-10:30: free time 10:30: subtle energy skills: energy locks and body prints to activate chakras and increase body energy 11:15: “who am I” meditation 11:45 , nine obstacles to continuous awareness, How to change the subconscious mind through “self affirmation” 13:00 lunch 14:00 how to manage disturbing emotions in daily life 15:00: several meditation techniques: Yoga walking, meditation in daily activities, how to observe the energy field, etc.

16: 00: Yoga rest technique (yoganidra) 17:00: lecture on mantra holding, the meaning of mantra and how to practice it scientifically, preparing for singing 18:00: rest 18:45: lecture, how to integrate creya yoga into daily life 19:30: group practice the same day’s creya psionic pranayama and meditation 20:15: dinner the next day: 6:00: assemble, Learn the new pranayama and practice it.

7: 00: group practice pose 8:00: at the end of the silent period, prepare to chant and mantra teaching 8:15: breakfast 9:00 – 14:00: chant.

It will be divided into several groups and changed every hour.

When one group chants, the other group will learn chakra mantra and mantra selected by individuals (such as Babaji, Shiva, Krishna, Durga, Ganesha, muruga, etc.) and practice after that..

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