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—— ignore the following and fill in the content —– Liu Xing sees Ding LAN frowning and meditating when looking at the phosphate fertilizer in the woven bag.

He doesn’t bother at the moment.

After all, he is not good at distinguishing the true and false phosphate fertilizer.

“Do you know my purpose?” Asked the middle-aged man in black.

   “Go, go.

She suddenly has a strange feeling that everything seems to be easier with Liu Xing.

At present, the supply and marketing cooperatives in Laowu village are the only ones who buy and sell chemical fertilizers and pesticides in Zhangmu Township, and there is no such qualification in other places.

Those who wear white clothes in the mouth of melon seeds are only policemen or policemen in uniform Other civil servants.

But he is not afraid at all, because there must be some misunderstanding in it.

“I don’t know, but there’s absolutely no good thing.” seems so? ” Liu Xing was not sure: “then you can wait for me in the kitchen.

I’ll go to the miscellaneous house in the backyard.

Look at the number, there are at least nearly 20.

Zhou Qiuxiang followed with the little one in her arms.” go, go, go “Go, go, go.

After Liu Xing got out of the kitchen, he didn’t go into the main room to ask Zhou Qiuxiang for the receipt of fertilizer.

The melon seeds and little spots herding cattle on the rural road ran back in sweat.

If Liu Ye or Liu Ziran went to herd, they would be naughty and disappeared in the twinkling of an eye..

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