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—— ignore the following and fill in the content —— “OK!” Liu Xing agreed without thinking.

Zhou Qiuxiang on one side also found the wrong scene.

She was stunned at the middle-aged man in black, then turned pale, and put down the little spot in her hand.

“Hurry up, hurry up.

As long as the receipt has the seal of boss Xiao’s supply and marketing agency and the signature of the employee on it, she has made a great contribution to Liu Xing’s house today.

Niu Lianfang helped bake the Ciba.

Or because of the reasons related to the household, director Ding dared not touch Xiao Daode.

Look at the number, there are at least nearly 20.” The middle-aged man in black looked up and laughed: “I forgot to tell you that my surname is Xiao and my name is Daode.

I’m the boss of the supply and Marketing Cooperative in Laowu village.

This time, I brought director Ding of the labor bureau to come here for the shoes you made illegally.” yes! ” Ding LAN nodded.

On the rural road, as melon seeds and Xiaobu Dian said, a group of people in white clothes came.

“That’s good!” Ding LAN is not happy when she hears the speech.

If Liu Ye or Liu Ziran go to stocking, they will be naughty and disappear in the blink of an eye.

After all, in the 1980s, both police officers and employees of the Bureau of industry and Commerce had white uniforms.

“Are you Liu Xing?” The middle-aged man in black looked at Liu Xing from a distance.

There was a thought-provoking smile in his eyes, even a trace of narrow catch and ridicule.

Niu Lianfang was not idle.

She picked up a Ciba and blew it.

While eating, she studied phosphate fertilizer with Ding LAN.


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