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9 yoga postures can burn fat and sweat efficiently and easily drive away the small belly

Want a flat, tight abdomen and a sexy waistline? So there must be yoga postures to strengthen the core strength of the abdomen…

So today I share 9 yoga postures that can not only reduce abdominal fat, but also carve sexy lines of the waist and abdomen.


Camel dynamic kneeling posture: enter the camel posture, sink your shoulders, lift your arms flat, exhale, deepen your knees, straighten your back, focus backward, activate the transverse abdominal muscle, eliminate abdominal fat, and breathe evenly.

In dynamic 10-15 group 2, lift your legs on the side of kneeling posture, extend your right leg, focus on the left knee of your left hand, exhale, keep your right leg straight, lift off the ground, bend your elbow on your right arm, stabilize your shoulder blades, tighten your ribs, and breathe evenly.

In dynamic 10-15 group 3, Lie on your side, lift your legs, enter on your side, support on your left side, assist with your right hand to stabilize your upper back, straighten your right leg and lift it off the ground.

When you exhale, keep your right leg dynamically extending and breathing evenly, dynamic 10-15 groups 4, dynamic single leg downward dog variant, single leg downward dog entering, stretch your back of your legs, exhale and close your abdomen, move your center of gravity forward, bend your knees forward, inhale your center of gravity backward again, and retreat to single leg downward dog breathing evenly, Dynamic 10-15 group 5: supine with abdomen curled and extended, inhale and bend the knees, hug the lower legs with both arms, exhale, pull in the abdomen, stretch the limbs outward, relax the waist and back close to the ground, and breathe evenly in front of you.

Dynamic 10-15 group 6: lie on your back with one leg curled, straighten your legs, put your palms around the lower legs, exhale, curl your abdomen, and dynamically straighten your legs to activate the strength of the upper abdomen alternately and shape the perfect waistline.

Breathe evenly, In dynamic 10-15 group 7, abdominal muscles activate supine entry, bend knees, large and small legs exhale at 90 degrees, tighten the abdomen inward, look at the front and follow the exhalation at the same time, swing the straight arm downward and breathe evenly.

In dynamic 10-15 Group 8, sit in a right angle sitting position, stretch and inhale with both arms upward, the back is soft and exhale close to the ground section by section, retract the abdomen, lift the back off the ground and breathe evenly.

In dynamic 10-15 group 9, Lie on your stomach w stretch, lie on your stomach and enter, bend your arms, inhale your arms W, stretch your arms straight forward, visually exhale on the ground, exert your abdominal force, bend your elbows W, recover your arms, breathe evenly, and practice the above yoga postures with strong abdominal core in dynamic 10-15 groups, which can make your yoga practice progress faster..

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