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Yoga teacher’s recommendation: four pillar support is always bad. These eight actions to strengthen shoulder and back strength should be

Dot Blue word attention “Yoga topic if you like stream yoga or Ashtanga, you will not be unfamiliar with four pillar support, because you will practice four pillar support in the flow of many dogs! But for practitioners who have just come into contact with yoga, it will be very difficult to complete four pillar support! How can beginners practice four pillar support? Share 8 yoga exercises that are helpful for completing four pillar support Jia action for you, these eight actions mainly strengthen the arms, shoulders, back and core strength.

They are all necessary factors for practicing four pillar support.

Hurry to collect them and practice more! 01: Vajra, push two yoga bricks with palms of both hands, exhale, tighten the core and ribs, push the brick forward, inhale and restore, repeat for 12-15 times 02: put the Yoga brick vertically on the back of the body, bend the knees, put the soles of the feet on the ground, exhale on the hips, tighten the core, lift the hips off the ground, bend the elbows back, inhale and restore, repeat for 10-12 times 03: enter downward dog pose 1, exhale, tighten the core, Bend your elbows and lower arms to the ground, enter the dolphin inhale and restore, repeat 10-12 times 04: exit from the previous position, come to the inclined plate exhale, tighten the core, support the ground with your left hand, enter the side plate on the left side of your body, inhale, support the ground with your right elbow on the right side of your body, enter the side plate supported by your elbow, repeat 5-8 times, and then exchange your left and right hands 05: bend your knees to the ground, exhale with your hands directly under your shoulders, Tighten the core, bend your elbows down slowly and repeat for 5-8 times 06: action 5 if you feel relaxed, put two yoga bricks on both sides of your shoulders to exhale, slowly down, press down more than half, feel your shoulders and back, and repeat for 8-10 times 07: if the previous action is relaxed, you can remove the yoga bricks to exhale, tighten the core, bend your elbows down and inhale to restore, Repeat 5-8 times 08: when action 7 is relatively easy to complete, challenge to complete the standard version of four pillar support exhale, tighten the core, bend the elbow with both hands, pay attention to the elbow slightly inward, start the inhalation from the shoulder, back and core, and restore the inclined plate..

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