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Practice record of target shooting buqiong pill and kajuande pill the great yogi ate thallium

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The great yogi ate weighing thallium.

In Tibetan Buddhism, there is a well-known Buddhist pill for curing diseases.

The pill is based on the pharmacist Buddha and originated from calming fire.

It is called shooting buqiong pill; There is also a pill, which is made by the five Buddha mother Guanyin Bodhisattva.

It is called Kazhuo ande pill (also known as Heibao pill).

The refining methods of these pills include Shengyi manufacturing and Shixiang manufacturing.

In today’s world, Buddhism is generally made of worldly appearance.

Worldly appearance is mainly made of no more or no more specific drugs.

After practicing Dharma, chanting and blessing, it is rubbed into balls.

The pills made in Shengyi are totally different from the makers of the world.

We must take the calming fire as the Dharma edge, but the medicine is the same, and its function is incomparably powerful.

However, due to the loss of the Buddha Dharma, at present, there are almost no pills that can really improve the righteousness cultivation in this world.

First of all, it is difficult to find the true virtue of calming fire.

Many people have heard of it, but it is very difficult to really see the display of the Kung Fu of the clumsy fire.

At present, many lamas in Tibet, India and other places are still fixing the fire.

At the end of their closed practice and when they go out of the closed room, very few can really raise the fire temperature.

At most, they can only symbolically put on wet cloth blankets and walk around the temple, or the initial level is called holy worship, which shows that the secret Dharma is about to be lost.

Baohuoding is a high-level Buddhist dharma.

It is an indispensable rare holy Dharma for cultivating body life skill, heart wind and light point, especially the achievement of incarnation Hongguang.

No matter what disease you have, it will disappear as long as you fix it.

Therefore, it belongs to the deadly enemy of the disease.

My fire is determined as the supreme yoga Dharma.

Its complete achievement combined with Vajra body changing Zen can achieve Bodhisattvas in more than 12 places.

There are two types of self Immolation: one is the self Immolation of Tibetan secret yoga, and the other is the self Immolation of the “king of self Immolation”.

When repairing the fire, the higher the temperature, the higher the pedestrian volume.

The average person’s normal body temperature is 37 degrees Celsius to 37.5 degrees Celsius.

If the body temperature reaches 40 degrees Celsius to 41 degrees Celsius, it is already a high fever.

If it exceeds 41 degrees Celsius (about 106 degrees Fahrenheit), it is often life-threatening.

However, the temperature reached by the pedestrians who fix the fire is much higher than this degree.

There are four stages in my kung fu: the first stage is the initial warming and heat reading stage.

My body heats up to about 115 to 130 degrees Fahrenheit, and my ability to treat diseases is not strong; The second section is a meditation hot music section.

The body heats up to about 130 to 150 degrees Fahrenheit.

It can disperse the fire temperature in some parts of itself.

It has strong ability to treat diseases, but there are five kinds of diseases that cannot be cured.

As long as this section is completed, there will be few diseases; The third section is the empty section of high temperature.

When the body heats up to about 150-200 degrees Fahrenheit, it can release the fire temperature and heal the whole body.

However, there are two kinds of diseases that cannot be cured.

It can collect the blind and black karma every day and burn it with a slow fire.

It can also move the slow fire to the outside world for use, remove diseases and obstacles for others and subdue demons and demons; The fourth section is the extremely warm Shengxi section.

The temperature will rise to more than 200 degrees Fahrenheit, which can spread the fire temperature all over the body.

Master Milarepa achieved spontaneous combustion based on this section.

Although it’s hard to find the true skill of my martial brother for thousands of years, fortunately, at the beginning, Renbo was a great achiever of the current great fullness and Vajra body changing Zen.

At the same time, he was also a great achiever who got the true biography of the corpse of the great handprint of liberation.

Therefore, due to the special reason, at the beginning, Renbo built a clumsy fire in public to make the target free pill.

As an assistant, I and ten other Renbo witnessed the process of refining the target free pill in Shengyi, and also revealed the true face of the target free pill.

On that day, it was sunny and cloudless.

In the temple of heaven city surrounded by blue curtains, a pair of magpie birds flew from a distance and sang auspiciously, opening the prelude to Shengyi’s target making and shooting.

Seven disciples surrounded the mandala to watch the ceremony.

At the beginning, Renbo took off his clothes, exposed his upper body, and lay on the Dharma board with his body spread out.

Dragon Boat Rinpoche washed and dried the Dharma circle with the word “seed” and the silver pot of fried medicine one by one with clean water, and put them on Rinpoche’s stomach at the beginning.

At this time, as the direct Dharma protector, Renbo immediately put a finger on the silver pot on Renbo’s stomach at the beginning to try the degree of warming.

In less than a few minutes, at the beginning, rinbo spread the corpse with “liberation fingerprints” and set the fire under the navel.

The dense wheel ignited the fire.

Renbo shouted, “it’s hot! It’s starting to be hot!” I also felt that the silver pot was really hot.

I said loudly, “it’s hot! It’s obviously hot!” At the beginning, the temperature of Renbo and Xiu’s clumsy fire rose rapidly.

According to the degree of temperature rise on the surface of the silver pot, Renbo and all shouted out their feelings: “hot hands! Hot, hot…” “Very hot! Very hot!” “It’s too hot! I can’t stand it!” At the last moment, renbojue, who couldn’t bear the high temperature, had to quickly throw the powder of the pill into the silver pot, and then quickly remove their hands to keep their fingers.

I was determined to be flat and didn’t want to be pulled by the high temperature felt by my fingers, but after a short time, my concentration was destroyed at once, and I couldn’t resist it at all, because the heat of the silver pot was samadhi, and the real fire was too high.

It was very hot and unbearable.

That kind of heat went straight to the heart, and I didn’t want to bear it.

If you hold on, your fingers will be burned by the heat of the silver pot.

Finally, I was forced to throw the powder into the silver pot and quickly remove my fingers, but I also cooked some human flesh.

The Dharma meeting had just ended, and a few days later, another victory and righteousness inner secret refining of kadroander pill began..

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