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No wonder Yoga people like handstands. It turns out that

People who have practiced yoga know that handstand is the king of yoga posture.

Why do you say so? It turned out that when we were born, our heads came out first (under normal circumstances), and then our limbs.

The skull surrounds the brain, which is the nerve center that controls the nervous system and sensory organs.

Regular practice of handstand can let pure blood flow into brain cells and ensure sufficient blood supply to pituitary gland and pineal gland, which can make brain cells more active and enhance thinking ability.

In addition, handstand can also help the human body eliminate tension, improve the immune system, prevent breast, viscera, uterus and hip sagging, promote blood circulation and nourish facial skin, so as to achieve the effect of beauty and anti-aging.

Therefore, handstand is known as the king of yoga posture.

It has always been the secret weapon of Yoga people’s “frozen age”.

Yoga people, practicing headstand, are really super cured.

Don’t be too beautiful.

No wonder Yoga people like it! During handstand, the negative energy will change into positive energy in seconds, and the energy will take root downward and grow upward.

When you want to cry, as long as you stand upside down, the tears that should flow out will not flow out.

During handstand, it is easier for us to realize that the body is as stable as a mountain and the heart is as soft as water.

During handstand, it is easier for us to put down our prejudice against the secular world and think calmly, When doing things in a wise handstand, let’s look at the world from another angle and find the different beauty in life.

When we handstand, it’s easier for us to find the quiet soil in our heart.

The quiet “Yoga” is not disturbed by the world.

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