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The thicker the waist, the shorter the body! This group of yoga practice every day, easily thin out a small waist!

Speaking of this, Xiaobian will recommend a set of actions that can effectively eliminate abdominal fat, which can only help you here.


Wind blowing tree style ◆ stand in mountain style, inhale, stretch your arms upward (above one arm, two arms or ten, the practitioner can choose according to his own situation), and relax your shoulders; ◆ exhale and stretch your body with your arms to one side (note that it is a side belt movement, not a separate arm extension, so stretch your arms and body as a whole, and keep your arms in a proper position beside your ears as far as possible), and maintain 3-5 natural breaths; ◆ inhale, and the body drives the arm back to normal; ◆ exhale, restore the arm to the side of the body, and Practice on the other side.


Side angle stretching pose ◆ start from the second warrior pose, exhale, move the body to the right in a plane and bend to the side, and keep the waist on both sides extended at the same length; ◆ put your right hand on the ground inside your right foot (Yoga brick can be placed under your hand).

According to your own situation, you can also put your hand in front of your knee, bend your elbow and put your elbow on your right thigh; ◆ exhale.

The right arm or shoulder is close to the outside of the right knee, the left arm is close to the ear and extends upward, and the head looks upward through the inside of the arm; ◆ keep this pose for 30-60 seconds and Practice on the other side.


Leg up stretching ◆ lie on your back with your legs straight and close together, with your arms naturally on both sides of your body, palms facing down, and breathe evenly; ◆ use the strength of the waist and abdomen to lift the legs up slowly until they are at an angle of 90 degrees to the ground, and straighten the legs as much as possible; ◆ keep it for 30-60 seconds, slowly lower your legs and recover your supine position.


Inclined plate ◆ lie on your stomach, point your forehead on the ground, put your feet together, put your hands on both sides of your chest, open your five fingers and point your fingertips straight ahead; ◆ hook the toes back, push the heels backward, tighten the thigh muscles and tighten the core; ◆ hold your hands on the ground, keep your body upward, slowly straighten your arms, form a straight line from your heels to the back of your head, keep it for 30-60 seconds, and slowly put down your body.


Side plank ◆ plank preparation: keep your feet together and rotate inward, clamp both sides of your thighs inward, push your heels backward, retract your tailbone, raise your pelvis upward, slightly retract your hips, push your hands on the ground, elbows and eyes are opposite, shoulder blades are pushed upward, the top of your head extends forward, and the rest of the light looks at the front of the syncline; ◆ the whole body is opened to the right and upward, the left leg is stacked directly above the right leg, the legs are close together, the whole body is in a plane, the hip is far from the ground, the left hand is straight upward, the five fingers are open, and the fingertips point to the ceiling; ◆ hold for 30-60 seconds, slowly retract and Practice on the other side.


Reverse inclined plate ◆ sit on the cushion at right angles, move the palms of both hands to the back of the hips, and point the ten fingers to the hips, which is the same width as the shoulder; ◆ tilt the upper body backward so that your hands are just below your shoulders; ◆ exhale, slowly lift your hips off the ground, slide your feet forward, straighten your legs, put your feet on the ground, keep your spine, pelvis and legs in a straight line for 30-60 seconds, and slowly put down your body…

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