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Yoga beginner figure, 10 minutes a day, practice the vest line!

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Yoga beginner posture, from the beginning to the end, each action is coherent, and quickly reach the entry level.

Don’t say much.

If you want to start practicing yoga, practice it quickly.

A rare high-definition moving picture, remember to collect Yo ~step1 mountain pose → cactus pose, keep your body upright, slowly raise your hands, come to mountain pose, slowly put down your hands, put your shoulder blades back, and come to cactus pose.

Step 2 cactus pose → downward dog pose, fold your body down, come to downward dog pose, cross your feet left and right, and lift your heels.

Step3 downward dog pose → cat pose downward dog pose, fold down the body, come to cat pose, kneel and support, inhale, arch the back, exhale and collapse the waist.

Step4 cat pose → baby pose, feel the stretching of the spine, sit back with your hips, support your hands forward, and stick your forehead to the ground.

After that, put your hands on both sides of your thighs, put your palms up and shake your head left and right.

Step5 baby pose → camel pose, slowly lift your body, kneel down, then put your left and right hands on our ankles and lean back.

Step6 camel pose → downward dog pose, cross your hands, stir your chest, kneel, stand on tiptoe, and push to downward dog pose STEP7 downward dog pose → star moon pose → mountain pose, keep breathing, straighten your knees, come to standing star moon pose, come to mountain pose, put down your hands, and then go to the initial standing position.

Did you see tears in your eyes? Can’t extricate yourself? Do you really want to start practicing vest line immediately and advance into the healthy Yoga world? What are you waiting for? Come on! How long haven’t you practiced your vest line? ▼。.

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