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Yoga sharing | want to set the whole lotus? These five yoga postures should be practiced frequently!

After practicing yoga for a period of time, many friends will find that in addition to asana practice, meditation is also very important.

Full lotus sitting (double plate) is a necessary yoga pose, and it is also a yoga pose that many yoga lovers love and hate.

Love it because it is considered to be the best meditation meditation meditation posture.

Hate it because lotus sitting is a very complex posture.

When doing lotus sitting, it brings the knee to the limit of an unnatural state.

Many friends will cause knee injury in this place.

For many beginners, some people can’t dish it up, some bite their teeth hard, but it’s painful, and even hurt their hips, knees and ankles.

This is because when the plate is full of lotus, the action of hip is folding + adduction + external rotation, and it is strong external rotation.

If the external rotation ability of the hip joint is not enough, the knee joint will be partially compensated by forcing the upper plate, and the outer space of the knee will be increased and the inner space will be squeezed, resulting in the pain of the knee joint.

(image from the Internet) therefore, the key to completing the lotus sitting posture gracefully is to establish the external rotation ability of the hip joint.

If you don’t have the foundation of yoga and practice double discs, it’s easy to hurt your hips, knees and ankles.

So before practicing, you must know: if you have injuries to your knees and ankles, please don’t practice double sets! Please know! Otherwise, what you will experience will be the frustration of injury, not the sense of achievement! (the picture comes from the Internet) next, Xiaobian will introduce some actions that can help you practice the whole lotus style smoothly! You can often do the following five postures to gradually open your hips and finally complete the whole lotus pose.


Sit on the ground in a beam angle, with both legs straight forward; Bend your legs, fit the soles and heels of your feet, grasp your feet, make your heels close to the perineum, and the outside of your feet close to the ground; Open your thighs to the widest, try to land on your knees, straighten your spine, pay attention to lifting the abdominal area, and keep your neck straight for 1-3 minutes.


Sit on the ground with one leg back extended, legs straight forward, hands on both sides of thighs; Bend the left knee, put the heel of the left foot against the inner side of the left thigh near the perineum, contact the outside of the left leg with the ground, straighten the right leg, extend the arm towards the right foot, and hook the big toe with your fingers; Hold for 1-3 minutes and repeat with the other leg.


Sleeping swan enters from downward dog pose, bend the left knee, strike the left lower leg horizontally, and the large and small legs are 90 degrees; Land on the front side of the right leg, press the pad on the instep, straighten the hips, move the body forward and down, and touch the forehead to the ground; Relax your upper body as much as possible, fully extend your hands and arms forward, keep them for 1-3 minutes, and repeat with the other leg.


Sit on the ground with your legs straight forward, your hands on the ground and your hips raised; Bend the left knee, lower left leg backward, lift the right leg, put the right leg on the left thigh, bend the right knee, lower right leg backward, and overlap the two knees up and down; Lift the left arm, bend the elbow, put the left hand from top to bottom between the two shoulders below the back neck, and lift the right hand from bottom to top until the two hands are tight; Hold for 1-3 minutes, release your hands, exchange your legs and repeat.

Half a lotus sits on the ground with her legs straight; Bend the left lower leg, put the left foot on the right thigh, bend the right lower leg and put the right foot under the left thigh; Keep your back straight, put your hands on your knees, breathe naturally and keep it for 3-5 minutes.

Yoga practice must follow the principle of step by step.

If you feel any pain during the initial practice of the full lotus sitting position, please stop and stick to the above stretching preparation until you can comfortably enter the full lotus.

When you finally overcome the rigidity of your body after a period of practice, you will find that you can become better-.

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