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Helen Yoga English training series courses (level 1-4) ~ ~ 2022 may be the last year of “Helen Yoga English training”~~

Click above to subscribe to [Helen Yoga English] 2022 is the eighth year of “Helen Yoga English training”, and it is likely to be the last year.

Welcome to take this last train and start our common journey.

Interested students must listen to Helen’s voice introduction.

There is a lot of information: let’s listen to what people in the past say: learning summary of level 1-4 (Huang Xiangjiang from Yichang, Hubei) relearning Level 2 is the wisest choice.

Now I think so.

What supported me to this day? Share the following experience: 1.

Keep up with the rhythm.

Keep up with teacher Helen’s rhythm, divide the learning content into parts and distribute it.

To do, to record video, not for perfection, just for completion.


Don’t hesitate to share.

You will find that the more you help your classmates, in fact, the most benefit is yourself.

When you comment on the homework in groups of level 3 class, each number of team1 benefits particularly.

The performance is that only after the homework is done enough can the understandable output have a segment.


Handing in homework is the bottom line.

All learning should have a sense of ceremony, and handing in homework is the first representation of the sense of ceremony.

When you press the Enter key to hand in your homework, you will be full of a sense of achievement and will support yourself to move forward.


Comments are the cornerstone.

The teacher’s after-school comments are the cornerstone of the next lesson, which guide the progress and limitations.

The later learning is not confused and has a direction.


Also, the most important point is that teachers adjust the teaching direction and dimension according to local conditions at any time, so that every student has a sense of presence.

To sum up, I insist on believing in teachers and my own choices.

As long as I keep up with the pace, I will be able to complete the task.

In my dedicated study, I really realized that the teacher’s beautiful language in teaching is that it is important to learn culture from the perspective of history from yoga, English and yoga history.

In life, in every moment, take action, and everything can be transformed into the power of joy.

At this time, we resonate at the same frequency.

Why learn is no longer a problem.

The difficulty is how not to learn.

Yoga English level 1-4 (Zhang Xiaoyan from Hong Kong) has just entered level 1 throughout the year.

Practice the golden rule 50 times a day in front of the video, especially R, l, th I can’t get around my mouth.

Every day, I make tongue twisters and lip exercises.

The teacher takes great pains to correct the sound and finally passes the second level pronunciation.

The second level posture cooperates with the TPR developed by the teacher and repeats continuously until it is completely engraved into your mind.

You can understand 20% in foreign teaching before class.

If you go to class after the second level is completed, you can understand more than 70%.

The rest is anatomy and philosophy.

Third level follow-up and extensive reading.

The cooperation team members and teachers check the words one by one.

The most heard is the weak closing of the ending tone.

The prepositions can’t be too heavy.

They should have intonation and emotion until you fully grasp it.

This opportunity is that you haven’t tried it when reading.

Stick to it! Level 4 intensive reading, anatomy, philosophy, constantly expanding new words.

Now the Yoga word book is more than 1800, and has a deeper understanding of asanas, how to arrange classes, the principle of arranging classes, and the construction of peak asanas.

Many contents have not been touched at all.

As long as you insist on the value-added course, you will gain! Thank you, teacher! Thank you, students! Continue to level 5-6 next year and make common progress on the road of yoga! Helen Yoga English learning experience (Xu Jinglei from Shanghai) I started to participate in teacher Helen’s Yoga English level 2 on October 21, 2019 and completed Yoga English level 4 on January 31, 2021.

From the perspective of time form, it is a study spanning two years and 30 weeks.

From the perspective of learning content, it is about the English improvement of yoga posture, yoga philosophy and yoga teaching, In terms of learning form, it is a group of people and a team moving forward together.

In terms of learning effect, it is a wonderful, unforgettable, rich and introspective journey.

There are three experiences: first, it systematically opens the door of Yoga English learning, and the ability of Yoga English has been improved and broken through in listening, speaking, reading and writing.

From level 2 to level 4, the accumulation of vocabulary, the intensive reading of words and sentences, the logical understanding of paragraphs and the grasp of the theme of the whole article run through the whole learning process.

For me, the biggest learning highlights and features are level 2 TPR and Asana password demonstration; Level 3 reading, comprehension and level 4 translation and listening.

These learning methods are in line with the characteristics of adult learning and effectively help themselves absorb and apply.

The second is to deepen the understanding and understanding of yoga through the learning mode of teacher guidance, personal intensive reading practice, team interaction and comments, and teacher summary.

Language is the door to learning culture.

Learning language is ultimately to better understand the world.

It’s so wonderful to go through the door of English and help yourself infiltrate the world of yoga from a more direct, subtle and vivid perspective.

Whether it is asana, breathing, meditation, yoga teaching, yoga philosophy, there will be new thinking and understanding in learning.

Third, I got to know excellent and progressive learning partners with similar aspirations.

The group study arranged by miss helen is a very intelligent arrangement.

In the body of team partners, I often have the feeling of meeting another myself in this world.

We have never met before and have different life experiences, but it is gratifying that the warm friendship and energy established in our study are so connected.

In the mutual comment and discussion, putting forward learning ideas and suggestions, encouraging and supporting each other and resonating with each other have become the most valuable part of learning..

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