Do you know the original meaning of “Yilin Yoga healing”?

I Lin Cure Do you know the original intention of one yoga on the third day of yoga’s company? A thousand yogis have a thousand answers to this question.

Their inner feelings only belong to themselves.

It’s hard to tell.

Different from other sports, yoga is for yourself.

It doesn’t need cheers, applause and competition.

Yoga postures are not competing with each other, not a “contest” of difficult postures, but to awaken physical awareness.

Yoga is not a simple stretching, but a movement of body and mind.

It pays equal attention to learning and practice: learning is to enrich people, and it leads to quantitative change; Practice is the shaping of people’s own mind, which can make people more stable.

Love yoga love life love yourself two body too stiff? So and so can’t do it at all? Not suitable for Yoga? In this regard, “isn’t it because the body is stiff and weak that we should practice more?” Please remember, the body becomes soft because of practice, not because the body is soft to practice yoga.

At any time, we can’t put the beginning and end upside down.

Often, people with rigid body are easier to recognize themselves, and people with rigid body are easier to concentrate in asana practice.

Yoga is like a key, which opens the body, combines flexibility and strength, opens our brain, softens our thoughts and emotions, and finally helps us open our hearts and let us feel the present better.

Put down worldly affairs, stop and wash impetuous.

Three yoga is not jujitsu, let alone acrobatics.

We never emphasize how soft and young the practitioner’s body needs.

The softness of the body is a harvest in the process of practicing yoga.

Everyone’s situation is different, so there is no unified standard to say how well we must do.

As long as you try your best to reach your limit, that is perfection, which is your own standard.

Please remember, we exercise our own body and mind, so why take the physical and mental health of others as our own standard Yoga is dynamic and not static.

Consciousness and breath control are more important than asanas.

Admit and accept imperfections, the mind is more free.

In a sense, yoga is a process of realizing self perfection from imperfections.


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