Yoga deepness 71: how to live a carefree life?

#1 do your present Sadhguru: our mind is a huge gift.

It vividly remembers every experience and every piece of information, which can be transformed into extraordinary imagination.

But if you lose control of your imagination, if you lose the ability to distinguish what imagination is and what reality is, and what is the future, the present and the past, then your mind will become your biggest enemy.

Most human beings do not suffer from life, they suffer only from their own memory and imagination.

They are still suffering from what happened ten years ago, and they are already suffering from what may happen the day after tomorrow.

It has nothing to do with life.

It’s about the lack of control over two of the most wonderful abilities human beings have, that is, vivid memory and wonderful imagination.

Don’t worry about your future.

If you do well now, the future will bloom naturally.

We can only do things with what we have in hand.

You can’t do anything with what’s in your mind.

You can plan for what’s in your mind, but you can’t do anything about it.

You can only act in the present moment.

You can only deal with what appears in the present moment# 2 focus on everything.

Those of you who are too focused on your thoughts and emotions probably often appear on things like social media.

I think you need to put down your mobile phone and walk in the forest.

If you can’t go every day, at least one or two days a month.

You have to walk away, be alone in nature, walk, sit down and observe.

If you give enough attention, you will find that you will be fascinated by every little thing in existence.

Because light is the way an ant is created, it is difficult for you and your wisdom to master how it is created.

Those who do not pay attention to observing all things, those who are too addicted to their spiritual creation, that is, their thoughts, and the most important part is emotion.

When your thoughts and emotions become more important than those created by the creator, That means you become a perceptual tragedy, and you don’t understand the essence of life at all.

We know a lot of things, we can do a lot of things, but we don’t know the whole picture of anything.

So this is the essence of existence.

If you focus on it, naturally, your thoughts and emotions will integrate into the background.

You can still enjoy these thoughts and emotions, but you know they have become irrelevant# Don’t be serious and rigid, so it’s very important that you don’t be serious and rigid if you want to experience many dimensions of life.

You become serious and rigid just because you take your existence too seriously, but we exist in the universe for only a very short time.

This is a vast universe.

Our galaxy and solar system are just a small dot.

In that, the earth is just a particle.

In this particle, the place you live or the city you live in is a ultrafine particle, and in that, you become a huge man or woman.

And that’s why you are so serious about life.

The life you have is only a short time.

In this process, if you take yourself too seriously, you are a big joke.

The secret of life is to look at everything with a non serious and rigid eye, but be fully engaged as if you were in sports.

Therefore, we should make life a sports event.

If you want life to be a sporting event, you must be able to see your own existence as the result of our times, but not eternal.

Unless you touch the eternal dimension you really are# This is a short life.

This is such a short life.

Your life becomes valuable only when you are doing what you really care about.

If the real investment and participation must come into your life and let you fully deliver yourself, you have to do something really important to you.

It’s very important to discover that thing.

When I say that it’s very important to discover that thing, you don’t have to spend most of your generation looking for what your enthusiasm is.

It’s not necessary, You just need to explore this ability to make everything yours.

When everything is yours, the world is yours and the universe is yours.

So when it becomes a part of you, if you are fully committed and constantly strive to create what is important to you.

What you really care about, then your existence itself will become valuable.

Not necessarily your actions, not necessarily what you achieve or may not achieve, but your existence itself will become truly valuable.

Because just breathing and being is a miracle.

There is no greater miracle than life itself..

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