Zongkabashan knowledge Yoga method 32

Pabanga Ningbo car pointed out that some people think that after 100000 big weeks and 100000 Manda offerings, they can rest and relax.

It’s like a person who has worked hard all day and is tired physically and mentally, so they take a big rest.

Such a leisurely, will only make you accomplish nothing.

Although you have completed a number of dharmas, if you don’t continue to accumulate funds to repent, you will only stagnate in the end.

Ningbo car then said, “if you are really accumulating merit and repenting your evil deeds, you don’t need to work hard physically and mentally and worry about the number of times you don’t accumulate enough.” Number is not the most important.

If you practice skillfully, you can accumulate a lot of merits and virtues, remove many obstacles, and lay the foundation for obtaining the amount of evidence, which will come naturally.

Although you don’t do it 100000 times, the evidence will still sprout in your heart.

It doesn’t mean that if you have done 100, 000, 200, 300, 000 or 400, 000 additional exercises, you don’t need to continue to practice, nor does it mean that you don’t have any obstacles.

If this is the case, once you complete the addition of 100000 times, you will remove all obstacles and achieve positive and equal mindfulness.

It takes only a little effort to become a Buddha.

This is not the purpose of counting times.

Pabanga Ningbo car said that this is to rejoice in your good deeds and increase your merit, and others will be happy for you.

This is the method of rejoice, which can greatly increase merit and virtue.

If you really want to be happy and everything goes well, you must do everything you can, offer the three treasures to others, and accumulate merits and virtues.

Because evil karma is an obstacle to happiness, it will make the good fruit unable to mature.

To this end, you must repent of your evil deeds, or it will be like trying to squeeze milk from a cow’s horn or extract oil from sand.

It must be futile! Although you are eager for happiness and achievement, you never want where happiness comes from, nor will you work hard to obtain happiness, nor will you accumulate merit and create the good cause of happiness.

We chant sutras and live in the place where Buddhism spreads, but we are always imaginative.

We expect to get something for nothing and happiness will come naturally.

We don’t repent of our sins, but we delusion that evil will never come.

We are willing to make this contribution to dempu and become Buddha and Tao with all living beings..

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