(dry goods sharing) there is no strength in the arm when practicing yoga. The key is to activate the triceps

In the practice of many yoga postures, the strength of the arm is needed, such as the posture of arm support, especially the strength of the triceps brachii.

The picture shows the position of the triceps brachii.

We can roughly understand that the position of our arm worship meat is the triceps brachii.

Therefore, once the triceps brachii has no strength, the worship meat of our arm will be produced.

Even if you are thin and can’t see the worship meat, but when you get old, the skin of your body will relax and the worship meat will also appear.

Triceps brachii is actually of great use in yoga postures.

First, use the following simple postures to explain the next dog pose: start triceps brachii, rotate the arm outward, open the four pillar support: start triceps brachii, clamp the inclined plate inward with the elbow: start triceps brachii to prevent the elbow from over extending.

Up dog pose: start triceps brachii, turn the shoulder back plate: start triceps brachii to prevent the elbow from over extending.

How to exercise our triceps brachii, Three actions 1 Support the ball, half push up, kneel on the knee, raise the lower leg, put the left hand on the ball, support the ground with the right hand, exhale, bend the elbow, keep the thigh and upper body in a straight line, inhale and straighten the arm.

Repeat 10 times, rest for 10 seconds, and then make a group of simple versions: the high difficulty version of holding both hands on the ground: put both hands on the ball, 2 backhand squats, sit on the chair with both feet on the ground, put the right foot on the left leg, sit on the ground, hold the edge of the chair with both hands, raise the hips and leave the chair, with the left knee above the left ankle, bend the elbow, the hips down, the knees 90 °, inhale and lift up, repeat 10 times, change sides, Make 2 groups of simple version: high difficulty version with two feet on the ground: two feet on the ball 3 Kick your legs back in the double four legged bench style, with your knees directly below your hips, your fingers facing forward, your abdomen closed, your right leg straightened back and at the same height as your hips, your left hand grabs the dumbbell, 90 ° upward, your big arm is stable, your expiratory arm is put down, repeat 10 times, change sides, and make two groups of simple versions: two knees on the ground, don’t straighten your legs back, high difficulty version: step on the ground with your right foot palm, support your legs, and exercise your triceps, and there’s no meat to worship! Moreover, many arm support postures need the strength of this muscle.

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