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Be careful when practicing yoga. Yoga people must see it!

In the fast-paced life, more and more women begin to pay attention to physical health, and yoga has become the first choice for most women.

But at the same time, the criticism of yoga has never stopped.

It was pointed out that Yoga seems soft, but it is easy to get hurt, so many people practice “Yoga disease”.

Yoga disease, as the name suggests, is caused by a series of diseases during yoga practice, such as ligament strain, cartilage tear, joint inflammation, neuralgia and so on.

How does yoga disease come into being? 1.

Yoga does bring mood and physical benefits to people without considering their own conditions.

However, when practicing, they should fully consider their flexibility, balance and strength quality, and must follow the exercise principle of acting according to their ability.

If the intensity is too high or the difficulty is too high, it will lead to exercise injury.

Therefore, when practicing yoga, we should not blindly pursue the difficulty and intensity of practicing posture, but should step by step.

If we focus on one step and challenge difficult movements, it is easy to cause physical injury.


Yoga coaches lack professional training.

Professionals point out that many yoga coaches lack adequate professional training.

Yoga fever makes the market of Yoga coaches in short supply, so there are many “crash coaches”.

Yoga instructor should be a good guide.

In the process of practice, he can create a relaxed, calm and safe environment and state of mind for you; He tells you how to listen to the demands of your body, and then gradually improve the difficulty of your practice.

Yoga instructors should customize the practice plan for everyone.

It is absolutely wrong to blindly let each practitioner practice a yoga position.


Ignoring the original meaning of yoga, when many people choose to practice yoga, the first consideration is that practicing yoga can lose weight.

The mentality of most yoga practitioners is eager for quick success and instant benefit, which runs counter to the original meaning of yoga.

Yoga has always opposed the anxious mentality of eager for success.

These people only see one side of yoga, but ignore the essence of Yoga – a peaceful state of mind, which is also one of the reasons for the popularity of “Yoga disease”.

How to avoid “Yoga disease”? The starting point of our yoga practice is to be healthier and more beautiful.

If we accidentally practice “Yoga disease”, it will not pay off.

We should practice correct Yoga according to the causes of “Yoga disease”, so as to avoid Yoga disease.

First of all, when practicing yoga, we must pay attention to the principle of acting according to our ability and step by step, practice yoga on the premise of safety, and do not blindly pursue difficult movements.

Secondly, we must choose professional and regular yoga halls and yoga teachers and accept scientific guidance.

Otherwise, wrong teaching will not only fail to achieve the purpose of strengthening the body of yoga, but will practice “Yoga disease”.

In addition, iron making also needs to be hard, learn professional yoga knowledge, understand the original meaning and principle of yoga, and practice yoga along the right path in order to enjoy the benefits of yoga.

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