Yoga meditation | night meditation ~ fight loneliness and uneasiness!

The first two parts of this exercise create a positive seal of consciousness, bringing about three changes: the whole of body, mind and existence, acting on the positive self.

The third part deals with the negative self, which will bring uncontrollable thoughts, so you must practice with the first and second parts, and then deep relaxation.

If you become irritable when you start doing this exercise, add this queya exercise: exercise relaxation.

This exercise balances the ego, conquers the fear of death, promotes good sleep, removes strange dreams, and gives you a positive attitude.

It produces a vitality in the etheric body that makes it extremely powerful and fully regulates the glands.

So the mood becomes stable and the mind becomes sacred.

This queya is traditionally called: shabd Shu gadhara kriya (Karam shambavi mudra) and practices at two weak points in the day, when negativity prevails.

This is when the sun is at 60 degrees: about three hours after sunrise and sunset.

Doing it at night is especially beneficial when you become lonely and restless.

All the negativity has begun.

This exercise removes negativity.

If you meditate on infinity at night when Venus rises, you won’t be betrayed by life and love.

There are emotional fluctuations in life, but life is not these fluctuations.

The highest point of consciousness in life is love.

Love is a constant frequency of vibration, which runs through the whole life without any conditions.

Our problem is that there is an imbalance between the positive and negative aspects of the ego, so neutrality and stability cannot take root.

Positive self is the constant vibration projection of self.

Negative self is the excessive projection or contraction of self.

This imbalance makes it impossible for us to overcome the fear of death, so we resist change and evolve to a higher consciousness, because every real change is like death.

How can the creator and mother nature who created you allow you to be alone? There are beautiful trees, beautiful time; Everything around you is so beautiful everywhere.

If you look forward, you can enjoy it forever.

Why do you feel lonely? Why do you want to be recognized? Why overstretch and weaken yourself? That’s how you spend your time.

You give sixty or seventy percent to your ego and forty percent to your imagination; 10-15 percent gives you self pity.

So you give 40-60% to your uneasiness.

You give up to 3-5 percent of your time to your divinity.

A man must devote 10-15 percent of his time to divinity before he is considered a saint.

“Give your evening to the happiness of the world and the morning to God.

If you watch TV at night, you can’t get up in the morning.

It takes away all your energy.

Evening is a time for quiet rest.

Make sure you spend the evening in an ascending relationship and avoid any situations that drag you down.

Be part of a sacred group.” Yogi Bhajan suggested that the first and third parts should be practiced for 11 minutes at the beginning and slowly extended to 31 minutes.

The important thing is to relax for 11 minutes after this meditation.

Part I: breathing meditation, simple sitting, straight spine, slightly retracting neck lock.

The elbows are relaxed on the side of the body, close to the body, the forearms and thighs are aligned, and the palms are facing up and parallel to the ground.

Make smart fingerprints on both hands – touch the tips of your thumb and index finger.

Focus on the third eye and feel like the apex of a triangle of two hands.

Inhale in 4 stages, recite “satsatsatsat” and exhale in one breath.

Time of reciting Naam: 11-31 minutes.

End: inhale and tilt your head back.

Exhale, straighten your head and relax.

Part II: extension of life nerve (singing): keep up with the left foot and extend the right leg forward.

Grab the big toe of your right foot with your right hand and pull back.

Grasp the heel of the same foot with your left hand.

When you sing “HAA KUL Hoo Hoo Hoo”, breathing is formed automatically.

Time: 3 minutes.

End: inhale, exhale, relax and breathe.

Part III: Breathing Meditation simple sitting or lotus sitting.

Put your arms between your legs and your hands under your hips.

Let your head fall back with your chin up.

Focus on the rectum to chin area.

Inhale in four stages and recite “satsatsatsat” in your heart Exhale in one breath and meditate on Naam time: 11-31 minutes end: inhale, turn your neck back, exhale and relax.

Part IV: deep relaxation immediately enter deep relaxation for 11 minutes.

End: take a deep breath, turn your arms over your head, extend your body, from fingers to toes, do a cat’s extension, finish one side, do the other side, roll the spine several times, and feel the massage of the whole spine when rolling.

Roll again and sit up* The teaching comes from yogi Bhajan.

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