The heartfelt words of a yoga teacher

Add a circle of friends with teachers on wechat to watch teachers ~ yoga is a very personalized experience, which can be shared in the yoga class.

Teachers are fortunate to guide students at all levels and backgrounds through their unique journey.


Without comparison, we all walk on the mat and have unique advantages and disadvantages.

No two are the same body.

Suppose a mirror is as like as two peas.

It is impossible to reflect all 20 people’s movements in the same way.

Some people can do deeper movements, some people have to do simple variants of movements, and we are all in different stages of yoga practice.


Yoga is not a competition.

Yoga is not how you look, but how you feel.

The teacher doesn’t care what kind of clothes you wear or how messy your hair is in class, and you shouldn’t care.

The teacher doesn’t care if you can straighten your legs completely.

As long as you don’t do anything dangerous, we want you to do a posture that suits you.

“Don’t care how you look, focus on how you feel.” 3.

You can do yoga well without being soft.

Being soft and flexible is a by-product of yoga, not a requirement to practice it.

You practice from your own starting point.

Where today ends is where you start tomorrow.

So stay optimistic and positive.

Your body’s flexibility will improve with practice.

If doing something makes you clench your teeth in pain, don’t do it.

The body has its limitations, and they will tell you in the form of pain.

Our yoga teacher would rather have you do a simple variant of asana before you cause pain.

We can’t always know what’s going on in your body.

Only you know how you feel.

Yoga is to respect your body and regard it as your palace.


We can laugh loudly, smile and make eye contact with us.

As yoga teachers, we take Yoga seriously, but that doesn’t mean we are always so serious.

We like the students’ happy smiles in class.

We love the smiles in the yoga room! Students sometimes seem to hesitate to make eye contact with us, but this is also welcome.

As teachers, we love the sincere communication between people – this is a reward for teachers.


We can smell that you drank vodka last night! We’ve all heard that sweat is the best way to save others from discomfort.

You really sweat the wine out.

And the rest of us are now breathing the stench of your wine.

So if you drink too much the night before last, don’t come to hot yoga.

Just do a daily yoga practice at home in the morning.


Your positive energy will increase or decrease in class.

Sometimes some students appear.

We know it will be a beautiful class because they bring positive energy.

Everyone in the class brings their own unique energy.

Let your positive energy radiate.

I’ll be grateful.


It’s impolite and bad for you to leave before or during the body lift.

The body lift is the last rest pose.

Key words: corpse posture.

This is a vital pose in every yoga practice.

The instinctive wisdom of the human body starts to start, sending the therapeutic effects of each pose to the place where they are most needed.

When you leave during the body lift.

You deprive yourself of your benefits and disturb the peace of others.


We are also human beings.

We also make mistakes or struggle in asanas.

We can’t avoid bad days, lose our temper and make mistakes in class…

We all have our own list of challenging asanas.

Yoga teachers are not yoga masters.

We are just people with yoga knowledge, practice experience and enthusiasm for Yoga and yoga teaching.

“Think of us as the guides of your yoga journey.”.


We leave negative things at the door.

You should do the same.

Yoga teachers also have bad days.

No matter what happens in our lives, we still appear in the classroom, take a deep breath and try to tone peace, concentration and strength.

This is part of our practice as teachers.

Students have the responsibility to enter the classroom with a good attitude and positive energy.

We see each class as an opportunity to improve and surpass the collective energy of ourselves, our students and the studio.

This is the pursuit of every authentic yoga teacher…

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