Yoga exists every day of my life

Maybe my body and mind are too rigid.

Sometimes I don’t want to do it every morning, but when I think of the 1008 days I promised, I tell myself: don’t think about anything, just do it—— Isha Hatha Yoga student Dou, I was not sure whether today is the 365th day of my continuous yoga practice.

I looked through my circle of friends last year and found that I learned Yoga last month.

But this is not the most important, because for one year or more, yoga exists in every day of my life.

Yes, I never thought it would accompany me for a year.

Compared with many people who come into contact with Isha, I am not fully engaged.

I have been practicing every day without interruption since I studied suliacria.

I also looked for Saguru’s book and video, and I also love to read articles from the official account.

In order to catch the full moon, I changed the train number and got home on time.

However, in the middle of the night after mahashivratri, I also fell asleep with my computer on.

Originally, I wanted to finish learning sulia CRIA and learn Shakti in the second half of the year, but I didn’t put it on the agenda because of job changes.

Sulyacria persisted for a year because when the full moon danced, Saguru mentioned that if you can, you can insist on doing yoga for 1008 days.

1008, about three years.

I said to myself mindlessly, then stick to it.

So, there was the first 365 days.

Since I was a child, I have been said by my family to be a person without long sex, which means: I love people who give up halfway.

So I feel surprised and happy that I can really do it for a year this time.

On several occasions, I almost gave up because of special circumstances, but I still managed to stick to it.

Frankly speaking, I was a little painful when I first started doing yoga.

I think the little friends in the group have enjoyed the peace brought by yoga after practicing for several months, but I am still bittersweet.

Maybe my body and mind are too rigid.

Sometimes I don’t want to do it every morning, but when I think of the 1008 days I promised, I tell myself: don’t think about anything, just do it.

In this process, new things accumulated in my body and surprised me.

Yoga first brought me changes in my posture and mental state.

My head often leans forward.

A few years ago, I couldn’t get out of bed because of cervical vertebra problems.

After a week of treatment, I could barely get up by myself.

Later, he also asked himself to pay attention to his posture, but he still habitually bowed his head.

Not long after practicing yoga, one day I came out of the subway and suddenly found that I was walking with my head up.

It was a natural feeling that I walked with my head up and my chest up.

The whole person felt very smooth.

Another thing is that when I went to work before, I was sleepy at 5 p.m.

But then the sleepiness disappeared.

But there are some deeper changes.

I quarrel with my father every year when I go home for the Chinese new year, because I don’t like some of his practices.

On New Year’s day this year, I practiced yoga at home in the morning.

In fact, I don’t quite remember whether I was practicing or singing at the end.

I suddenly relieved my bad mood for my father.

It’s a moment.

Yes, I completely put down all my complaints about him and began to accept him completely.

I remember that I was very quiet at that time.

The position of my heart suddenly loosened, like opening a door.

I suddenly felt that he had tried his best.

He just didn’t love me the way I thought.

This is my problem.

As Saguru said in the inner engineering class, I am fully responsible for this.

He has always loved me in his clumsy way.

After that, I can feel that my state of mind is completely different when I look at him.

Later, I felt that his mood gradually improved, and he was not as angry as before.

There are also some changes that continue to take place.

In the last month, I finally reconciled with yoga.

One morning I got up late and didn’t practice yoga.

Instead, I worked immediately.

I had a problem with yoga before.

I think I get up early every morning, but an hour after practice passes and the time disappears.

But that day, although I worked immediately, my working condition was always bad, and I felt as if I didn’t wake up.

I suddenly have a desire for yoga.

It’s the first time I’m so eager for yoga! From that day on, I began to enjoy yoga.

I’ve been a vegetarian for most of this year.

I’ve finally started the last thing.

I’ve been a vegetarian for one month in a row before, but at that time, it was because I made a wish and promised to eat a vegetarian for one month.

One day on the way, I went to Chongqing hot pot with my friends.

I cried because I wanted to eat hairy belly.

Then I continued to eat vegetables while crying.

My friends were sorry for me.

This year, I really feel that the state of my body is different when I eat vegetarian and meat.

So naturally, I want to make my body more comfortable, so I’m vegetarian.

After sleeping with Simmons, I don’t want to sleep on a wooden bed.


Finally, I would also like to thank the teacher.

I remember that after class, she talked about her school and work experience; How she explored herself; She talked about how she went to India to take Saguru’s class, and then had classes all the time.

She also became a teacher.

I also like inner self exploration.

So I also want her to have such a profound experience and learn from Saguru so closely.

Well, this is the annual record of a semi committed yoga practitioner.

I don’t have much to look forward to in my life, but now I finally have one thing I want to do: go to the Indian center to take more advanced courses of Isha—— Isha hatha yoga students welcome to bean Isha yoga.

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