Zhang Zuiwei wants to learn swimming and yoga

It was 35 years ago that he became associated with swimming.

In 1987, I was admitted to Taojiang No.

1 middle school.

When I stepped into the school gate, I didn’t look like my remote rural primary school and junior middle school at all.

What surprised me most was that there was a huge swimming pool with clear water and thousands of tenderness in my heart.

A few days later, the teacher informed me that I needed to prepare clothes for swimming class next week.

I paid for a swimsuit.

It was so decisive, even though what was waiting for me was a more difficult life.

I clearly remember that Mr.

Xia brought a huge team of nearly 70 people in my class to the swimming pool, and the first swimming class officially began.

First of all, the teacher asked us to sit by the pool, put our feet into the water, straighten our insteps, and bounce the water alternately.

The water slipped through the skin and was cool.

The students couldn’t help cheering: “so comfortable!” The previous tension was cleared away and everyone was full of laughter.

Then, the teacher easily led us into the shallow water area, and the water waves became flexible.

People stood in it, shaking, floating and intoxicated.

Teacher: breathe in, breathe out, hold your breath.

Students like ducks foraging, their heads drilling in and out of the water, one after another, quite spectacular.

The bell rang after class.

“Next PE class, continue to learn swimming.” The teacher’s words are like a reassurance to appease our helplessness.

The second swimming class will come soon.

This time, there is no preparatory practice on the shore.

Go directly to the pool and run to the theme practice.

Step 1: inhale, hold your breath, enter the water, hold your knees with both hands into a ball, lift your toes off the ground, float your body, let go, drop your toes on the ground, head out of the water and exhale.

For those who have just learned to swim, the difficulty of “holding the knee into a ball suspension” is not small, which is a challenge.

Ah, I’m really floating! “Yes, that’s it! Look, she’s doing very well!” The teacher’s affirmation of me gave me courage and strength, and I couldn’t help but be elated.

The second step, action upgrade: after the body is suspended into a ball, release your hands and stretch your hands and feet into a line, like a wooden board hanging in the water, and like a stationary fish.

The third step is to upgrade the action and pat the water up and down with hands and feet.

The “stationary fish” slowly swims forward, clumsy and lovely.

According to the teacher’s guidance, I go all out and meet the requirements at every step.

At this stage, as soon as I got out of the water, my feet fell to the ground, and I didn’t really master the swimming skills.

There are several who have learned to swim.

Their heads stick out of the water, breathe regularly, and swim further away quickly, which makes people envious.

Through this class, the students have courage and high interest.

If they have another one or two classes, they may be able to swim freely.

Unexpectedly, there was only half of the water in the swimming pool overnight.

The swimming class stopped and Mr.

Xia stopped teaching us.

It was probably my good performance in the swimming class.

He remembered my name, but it was difficult to remember more in the two classes.

In the next three years, every time I met him on campus, he would ask, “Zhang Zuiwei, did you train today?” “Miss Xia, I’m not a PE student.” I always explain with a smile.

Fortunately, the young head teacher “acted boldly” and made swimming our most beautiful memory.

Soon after the swimming class stopped, there was exciting news: Mr.

He took us to the river for swimming in the recreational and sports class.

The Peach Blossom River in front of the gate, why was it so lively? In the soft shallow water, the students were in twos and threes, holding, pulling, walking and crawling.

Which swimming pool is so colorful? Which class is so heroic? This scene has come to my mind countless times and has been written by me, although I still can’t swim.

In October 2018, I was unfortunately seriously ill.

After a series of radical treatment, I was seriously injured.

Guanghui, a local fitness expert, advised me to swim in order to recover.

Almost every day, he runs to Heijun peak and swims in baixichong reservoir.

He also visited the Xiangjiang River in Changsha and the Yangtze River in Wuhan.

As for the proposal of a person I trust and admire, if there are three conditions: a body suitable for swimming, a safe swimming pool and a professional who guides swimming, I will gladly accept and take action.

I’m waiting and looking…

My ambition is not paid.

In July 2021, it was a bolt from the blue.

My life fell into a valley again.

In order to facilitate medical treatment and recuperation, I lived in Xingsha.

At the beginning of December, one night, I came back from the hospital and went out of the subway.

I saw a group of boys and girls wearing the publicity vest of the gym.

The “swimming” on my back attracted me.

I asked a boy around me, “can I swim here? Is there a swimming pool upstairs?” The boy was quick witted, very enthusiastic and his words were warm.

I made it clear to him that I wanted to learn swimming, but now I’m not in good health.

I’ll contact him when appropriate.

He didn’t bother, just wanted to add a wechat.

After that, greet early and care late.

In short, because of this high EQ zero, at the end of January, I went to the gym to visit the site, bought a private swimming class and got a new year card.

Preliminary plan: after learning to swim, come to the swimming pool to swim several times; Take a walk on the treadmill on a rainy day.

I asked the group of friends.

Someone said I could swim in three years.

There are different opinions about online inquiry.

Before the weather is completely warm, I will never and dare not go into the pool without consulting the authority and getting an answer.

The fate of swimming, from love at first sight, to long thoughts, and then to the resurgence of old love, but I don’t know when to hold hands? Later learned that in addition to equipment and private classes, the gym also has group classes every day.

Those with annual cards can participate in all group classes.

Look at the schedule, I directly lock in the two-star class, medium intensity.

Except for one aerobic dance, the rest of the two-star class is yoga.

So I only focus on yoga, 9 sessions a week.

When I thought of seeing my good friend Lifang during the Chinese new year, I couldn’t help but marvel at her good look! “Maybe I did yoga,” she said The yoga class on the schedule becomes friendly.

I’ll try it.

My annual card starts from March 1, and yoga has officially entered my life.

Monday, March 1..

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