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Yoga is the ability to guide the mind

Yoga is the ability to guide the mind without deviation or interruption.

Yoga is a way for us to make the desired changes in our lives.

The practical practice of yoga will lead everyone to different directions.

Yoga serves the individual by transforming rather than giving information.

From a certain point of view, the concept of transformation has something in common with epiphany.

In an ignorant life, under the influence of certain things, we penetrate the appearance of life, touch our mind, go deep into our heart, and gain an uncommon experience of meeting with our inner heart.

This moment of Epiphany is transformation.

In fact, every change is yoga, any activity, Every development and change is yoga.

To practice yoga, all we have to do is act and keep aware of our actions.

Further, you can keep aware of life and yourself to be aware of these changes.

Such careful and subtle observation will enable us to discover new things.

Yoga tries to create a state in which we are always present and present in every action and moment – really present and present.

The more we focus on our current actions, we will no longer be prisoners of habits.

We don’t need to do anything today because of what we did yesterday, so that we can look at our actions with an unprecedented perspective and avoid careless repetition.

In fact, a little bigger, all the great classics are leading us into different viewing ways and creating opportunities for us to know ourselves better.

Once we correctly face and fully understand the teachings of the classics, the more we can look deeply into our inner self.

Today’s yoga teaching method often makes people feel that it is a way to solve all people’s problems and a treatment to cure all diseases.

However, everyone has his own unique way to enter yoga.

Although the problem performance may be similar, today’s students are not the same as yesterday’s students, and they have nothing in common with last week’s students.

So we need the teacher’s guidance.

When we begin to learn yoga, whether it’s posture, breath control, meditation or studying Yoga Sutra, the way we learn is the same.

The more we progress, the more we can realize the integrity of our existence and understand that we are composed of body, breath, mind and others.

Many people learn yoga by practicing postures, and then learn more postures.

Until they practice, the only thing of yoga is physical practice.

Such a situation is like doing only one arm training and letting the other weak.

Similarly, some people have learned the essence of yoga, wrote wonderful works for this purpose, and explained complex concepts very well.

However, they can’t even sit upright for a few minutes when writing or speaking.

So don’t forget that we can practice yoga from any aspect, but if we want to be a complete person, we have to integrate all aspects of ourselves and all aspects of life, including our relationship with others, our habits, our health, our breathing and our way of meditation, step by step…

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