Infinite Intelligence exhaustive Yoga 1

Tianxin infinite intelligence by meherbaba episode 11 exhausting Yoga 1 in this yoga, the infinite mind exhausts according to the past impression attached to it, that is, to experience the essence and turbid universe with the essence and turbid body.

But when doing exhaustive grinding, that is, experiencing the micro impressions attached to it in the form of essence and turbidity, so as to consume them, it is indifferent.

It is not worried about the results.

Not happy because of success, nor sad because of failure.

It only regards exhaustion as a responsibility.

In other words, it is driven by past impressions and experiences the universe through the body.

Past impressions must be experienced, consumed and cannot escape.

Unless you get rid of karma, the mind cannot but use the body and experience the universe.

But when the past impressions are consumed through experience and the heart gets rid of them, there must be no new impressions to bind the heart.

This is what Jimo yoga teaches and provides: let the heart consume the micro impression of the past through its fine and turbid body, fine and coarse experience; And remain indifferent during the experience, so as not to collect new impressions; In this way, when all micro impressions are consumed by turbid and refined experience, the mind gets rid of karma and obtains self-consciousness because it has not accumulated new karma.

In the stone form, the heart has no vasana (habit), no desire, no feeling, and the karma is most likely to be few, that is, the karma is the most limited, almost zero.

Therefore, the mind’s experience of the universe is also the most limited, with almost no experience, that is, it hardly thinks or knows, imagines or the universe.

However, its Chaitanya (thinking) is also the most limited, almost zero, so it cannot think of its infinite self.

In the human form, the heart has the highest level of vasana, desire and feeling, as well as countless unnatural karma, allowing it to infinitely experience the Sakar universe, that is, these unnatural karma allow it to think or understand imagination.

Although there is infinite chaitania (i.e.

thinking), it knows the universe or thought imagination, but cannot think itself.

To do this, the mind must remain infinite – as in the state of the human body, but without karmic and cosmic experience – as in the state of the stone body.

When the karma is released from the human form, the mind no longer experiences the universe.

For example, in the stone form, it has got rid of vasana, desire, feeling, etc.

In the state of stone body, the heart has no karma, so there is no feeling, vasana, desire, Asha (hope), etc.

In the state of seguru, the mind also has no karma, so there is no feeling, vasana, desire, Asha, etc.

But in the state of stone form, the mind is the most limited, but in the state of seguru, it is infinite.

In the state of human body, it is also infinite, but it is not separated from feeling, vasana, desire, Asha, etc., because it has karma in the form of essence and turbidity.

Therefore, in the seguru state, the mind has both the human body state and the stone body state.

In the state of human body, there is no karma, so there is no desire and is not affected by feelings such as joy and sadness.

In this way, it experiences without pleasure or suffering.

It is the joy and sorrow of experiencing the past karma and the worry about the consequences and their impact that create a new impression and bind it to the heart.

That is to say, when the heart experiences the past micro impression finely and coarsely, it is affected by the feeling of happiness, sadness and worry about the consequences, so as to bear the new micro impression on itself according to the experience of happiness, sadness, worry or influence- THEĀ .

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