9 simple yoga moves to help you resist sedentary injury!

Sitting is more tiring than standing.

Sitting for a long time is equivalent to a lumbar load of 400 kg.

If you don’t feel it, you will bend your back, including chest, round shoulders and swollen legs, resulting in spinal bending, lumbar muscle strain, shoulder, neck, low back and sciatica.

Although sedentary has become a chronic killer, you can’t help but go to work.

For your health, be sure to stand up and walk around after sitting for an hour, even if it’s to receive a glass of water.

Therefore, sharing a complete Yoga sequence is simple and effective.

It can alleviate a series of symptoms brought to the body by sedentary.

The key is to insist! 1.

Baby kneeling on the cushion, feet together, legs slightly apart or close together, torso completely relaxed, lying down on the front of the store, hands relaxed on both sides of the body for 20-30 seconds.


The human Sphinx lies on the cushion, legs separated and hip width inhaled, headband, spine section by section upward, arms directly below the shoulders, big arms vertical cushion, forearms straight forward, eyes flat ahead for 20-30 seconds.

3 Happy baby supine on the cushion surface, bend both knees close to the abdomen, open the legs slightly larger than the hips, hold the heels with both hands, keep the lower legs perpendicular to the cushion surface, and stay for 20-30 seconds.


Supine cow face leg supine on the cushion surface, with the left leg up and the right leg down, overlap the legs close to the abdomen, hold the palms of the opposite feet with both hands, assist in pulling to the abdomen to keep the sacrum cushion, and sink the shoulders for 20-30 seconds.


Supine needle eye supine on the cushion surface, Bend your knees, put your right foot on the front of your left thigh and hold the front of your left leg with both hands to help pull your legs to the body, keep the sacrum on the pad, and stay for 20-30 seconds for the other side.


Supine angle supine on the pad.

Place a pillow or towel under your waist, bend your knees, put your feet together, open your knees to both sides, put your hands on both sides of your body, or keep your elbows for 20-30 seconds.


Lie on the pad in a small bridge style, bend your knees close to your hips, and open your feet the same width as your hips, The knees, toes and arms exhale on both sides of the body, the pelvis leans back, and the hips are lifted upward for 20-30 seconds.


Kneel and stand on the cushion surface with both hands and legs the same width as the hips, and the arms are perpendicular to the cushion surface.

The body is in a straight line, the head and neck are extended, the back is full of exhale, the core is slightly retracted, the elbows are bent, inhale downward, restore, and repeat the exercises.

5-8 groups 9.

Sit with the spine twisted, sit on the cushion surface, straighten the legs, and inhale with the right foot on the outside of the left thigh, Extend the spine, exhale, twist the body to the right, put the right hand on the back of the body, hold the outside of the knee with the left arm for 20-30 seconds, and change the content on the other side from the Internet.

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