An autobiography of Yoga (fragrant sage shows miracles)

After leaving the Kali temple, I wandered aimlessly and suddenly met an old friend, a man who talked endlessly.

“As long as you tell me what you’ve experienced in the six years we’ve been apart, I’ll let you go right away.” “That’s ridiculous! I’m leaving now.” But he grabbed my hand and forced me to say something.

I told myself that this person is like a hungry wolf.

The more I talk, the more he will smell the new news.

In my heart, I asked the goddess Kali to let me escape gracefully.

Suddenly, my friend left me.

I breathed a sigh of relief and quickened my pace for fear of being possessed by him again.

Hearing the rapid footsteps behind me, I accelerated my speed and didn’t dare to look back.

But he jumped up to catch up with me, patted me on the shoulder happily and said, “I forgot to tell you about gandababa.” He pointed to a house a few yards away.

“You must go and see him.

He’s very interesting.

You may have an extraordinary experience.

Bye!” He really left.

The prophecy of the hermit in front of the Kali holy temple flashed through my mind.

I entered the house curiously and was led into a spacious hall.

A group of people sat scattered on the thick orange carpet facing east.

I heard an exclamatory whisper: “look carefully at gandababa on the leopard skin.

He can make a flower without fragrance emit the natural fragrance of any flower, revive a withered flower, or make a person’s skin emit a pleasant fragrance.” I looked directly at the saint, and his fast-moving eyes stopped on me.

He is round and fat, with a beard, dark skin and big and bright eyes.

“Nice to meet you, child.

Tell me, what do you want? Some fragrance?” “What’s the use of fragrance?” I find his proposal childish.

“I can let you enjoy the fragrance in a magical way.” “Use God to make fragrance?” “Is there anything wrong?” “Yes, but God can make petals.

Can you?” Children, I make fragrance.

” “Then the perfume workers will lose their jobs.” “I’ll let them keep their jobs! My purpose is to show the power of God.” “Sir, is it necessary to prove God? Isn’t he everywhere?” “Yes, but sometimes we have to show his infinite creativity.” “How long will it take to master your skills?” “12 years.” “Just to make fragrance with psychic power? Honorable saint, it seems that you wasted 12 years, because you can buy fragrance in the florist for only a few rubles.” “The fragrance of the flowers bought in the florist will soon fade away.” “Then why should I long for something that will only make the body happy?” “You’re interesting, Mr.


Well, stretch out your right hand.” He made a gesture of blessing.

I was a few feet away from gandababa, and no one around could touch my body.

“What kind of fragrance do you want?” “Roses.” “OK.” To my surprise, the charming rose fragrance immediately floated out of my palm.

I smiled and picked up a bunch of white flowers without fragrance from the nearby vase.

“Can this odorless flower give off the fragrance of Jasmine?” “OK.” The fragrance of jasmine immediately emanates from the petals.

I thanked the fragrant saint and sat down next to his students.

He told me that gandababa’s official name was vishudhananda.

He had learned many amazing Yoga secrets from a Tibetan master – he assured me that the Tibetan yoga master was over 1000 years old.

“Gandababa usually doesn’t show the magic of making aroma casually.” The student was obviously proud of his guru.

“He’s great! Many Calcutta intellectuals are his followers.” I secretly decided not to be one of these intellectuals.

In fact, I don’t want the “magical” guru.

After thanking gandababa politely, I left and strolled home.

Along the way, I thought carefully about the three different wonders I encountered that day.

When I walked into the door of Cooper Road, I met my sister UMA.

“You are becoming more and more fashionable, and you use perfume!” I let her smell my hand.

“What a nice smell of roses! It’s so rich!” I quietly put the flower scented by magic under her nose.

“Ah, I like the smell of jasmine!” She held the flowers.

She knew that Jasmine usually had no fragrance.

When she smelled the jasmine repeatedly, a confused expression appeared on her face, which was very funny.

Her reaction dispelled my doubts about gandababa.

I found that only I could smell the fragrance.

Later, I heard from a friend alakananda that the “fragrant sage” has a magical power.

I really hope millions of hungry people in Asia can have this power.

“Once I gathered with more than a hundred guests at the home of Banda babadewan,” arakarananda told me, “It was a grand festival banquet.

Because the yoga master had the power to make things out of the air, I smiled and asked him to make some out of season oranges.

He immediately inflated the round and flat bread (luchis) on all banana leaf plates.

Each bread was wrapped with a peeled orange.

I took an uneasy bite.

It was delicious..

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