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What yoga moves can you do while watching TV? Practice in summer!

Stamp the blue words on it and pay attention to us! It takes time to open your body.

It’s best to open your crotch while watching TV.

Now let’s see what actions can be done while watching TV? ▉ 1.

Effect of angle pose: open the hip and groin, relieve menstrual pain, nourish the pelvis and lower abdomen, and be conducive to the health of reproductive organs ▉ 2.

Effect of angle pose: stretch the liver meridian inside the thigh, the gallbladder meridian outside the thigh, and the bladder meridian behind the thigh to nourish the organs in the pelvis area ▉ 3.

Effect of pigeon pose: relax the hip and help improve the hip nerve awareness of sedentary people.

Stretch the liver meridian, lateral gallbladder meridian, anterior kidney meridian and posterior bladder meridian on the inside of the leg.

Effect of dragon pose: stretch the front thigh muscles and iliopsoas muscles to relax the groin area.

The prepared pose of the monkey raises its hips.


Semi God monkey or semi God monkey.

The focus is not to arch its back and hook its front feet back.

Effect of monkey pose: stretch the rear thigh and lower leg muscles to treat sciatica for more than one minute.

If it’s too difficult, don’t force yourself.

Sit up when you’re tired, Any cross sitting posture is better than the sitting posture with 90 degrees of legs the size of the sofa, which helps to open the crotch and relax.

Let’s take two cross sitting positions for reference! Have a nice evening! After you’ve read it, you can watch it before you go 👍。.

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