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My 75 year old grandmother has practiced yoga for 14 years and has taught thousands of students. Her body is more flexible than a girl. How

Stamp the blue words on it and pay attention to us! Yoga has never been the patent of young people.

Yoga is synonymous with health.

No matter how old you are, you have the right to pursue health and the obligation to maintain health.

“Although the sun is setting in the west, I am full of ambition.

Yoga reshapes my daughter’s body and welcomes the morning glow.” The inner emotion of a 75 year old man who has practiced yoga for 14 years.

Kang Guangying, female, height 163cm, weight 52kg.

At the age of 75, he is still in high spirits and his body is as light and soft as a young man.

Originally, she began to practice yoga at the age of 61 and has been practicing until now.

Many difficult movements in yoga, such as crane style, camel style and shoulder inverted posture, are effortless for the old lady to do, and she can easily chop down the “word horse”.

Many young people can’t do these movements.

She practiced yoga and cured her cervical spondylosis.

In fact, she had been troubled by cervical spondylosis for many years.

Since the age of 41, he has suffered from severe cervical spondylosis and severe scapulohumeral periarthritis, which often makes it difficult to sleep.

So she kept fit and began to walk with a group of model friends.

In 2003, she saw Yoga for the first time in the gym because of the demolition of the show venue.

At the beginning of practice, Kang Guangying was difficult to adapt.

Low back pain, accompanied by severe skin tearing.

But what made her feel magical was that she had a sore back one day and felt refreshed the next day.

Yoga is so magical.

Once you practice it, you will know that you will be addicted.

You can’t wait to meet Yoga earlier.

It’s not fun to practice in the gym, so he and his wife bought CDs and books about yoga everywhere to study.

In this way, Kang Guangying insisted on practicing yoga for 14 years.

Yoga depends on persistence.

In this year’s physical examination, Kang Guangying’s various indicators reached the standard, and the cervical spondylosis that had plagued him for many years was cured.

As long as you believe in yoga, as long as you insist, miracles will appear.


If you love yoga, share it.

“I have mastered more than 100 yoga moves.” Kang Guangying said that since 2007, she resigned from the University for the elderly and came to the Municipal University for the elderly to teach the elderly yoga.

“Practice before breakfast, lunch and dinner or on an empty stomach every day, no more than one hour at a time.” Kang Guangying said that as long as you persevere, you will become younger and healthier.

In 2013, she founded the yoga class of Xiangyang University for the aged.

According to reports, since the school invited grandma Kang to open yoga classes, the number of yoga classes has gradually increased from 2 to 9, and has now grown to 25.

In this way, many people reported to the school teaching office that they did not report their names.

During the interview, the reporter found that there were five or six students over the age of 70 in each class.

Grandma Kang’s popularity is due to her superb yoga skills and solid teaching content, which benefits many people who listen to her lectures.

Guo Ying is the first batch of students of grandma Kang.

She and some students have now become yoga teachers in the school.

Grandma Kang also often practices yoga in the woods, green fields, running water and distant mountains.

In March last year, when flowers bloomed in spring, Kang Guangying led dozens of students such as Guo Ying to Xiangcheng taohualing and China crape myrtle garden to practice yoga.

For a while, lift your legs high, split your legs, squat down, and twist your waist…

All kinds of yoga moves are handy and effortless.

Grandma Kang’s demonstration moves are accompanied by explanations, which makes people feel that it is a kind of enjoyment to do yoga with her.

Grandma Kang said that although the middle-aged and elderly people have many benefits from practicing yoga, due to the degradation of physical function, they must practice according to their ability and don’t be arrogant.

She doesn’t go on a diet, is not picky about food, and doesn’t force herself to eat more when she doesn’t want to eat.

Her diet is as light as possible and doesn’t eat sweets.

A cushion, a piece of music, breathing, breathing, closing eyes, meditating, stretching…

Yoga, a sport marked with “Youth” and “fashion”, is gradually loved by more and more middle-aged and elderly people.

“Delay aging, resist diseases, make yourself white haired and make retirement healthy and fashionable.” Kang Guangying, a yoga teacher at Xiangyang University for the aged, explains the way of yoga for health.

Countless examples are constantly interpreting the charm of yoga, and Kang Guangying once again makes us feel the baptism of spirit We need to learn not only the spirit, but also to understand the profound meaning of yoga in persistence.

Yoga is like a treasure, inexhaustible, hidden in your and my persistence.

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