Class schedule of shenghongcheng XingKong yoga fitness and life center on May 26, 2022 (Thursday)

Today’s course: 9:30-10:20; course: traditional yoga; instructor: Ellie; 15:30-16:20; course: Hatha Yoga; instructor: Ellie; 19:00-19:50; course: Tabata; instructor: Yue Wenjing; 19:20-20:10; course: tropical rain forest; instructor: Xiao Wei; 19:10-19:50; course: Flow Yoga; instructor: Wang Pei Warm tips: 1 Please bring your own water cup, reasonably arrange your exercise time and attend class in order Children and items are forbidden to occupy space in the room.

If it is found that staff will take it back, please understand! 3.

When leaving the site, please take your belongings with you and leave the site in order! 4.

At least 5 people will start the course and at least 10 people will start the course by bike.

Please refer to the notice in the store or consult the front desk for temporary changes of the course without further notice.

Please understand!..

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