Yoga must have this concept, which will benefit you all your life!

When practicing yoga, we often hear teachers say: we should have the concept of extending the spine.

In fact, one of the most important benefits of extending the spine is to nourish the intervertebral disc and maintain the health of the spine, which will benefit you all your life! The intervertebral disc is located between the vertebral body and the vertebral body, which is rich in water.

Its main function is to participate in the cushioning and damping of the body and nourish the spine.

However, modern people have limited space to extend the intervertebral disc due to sedentary, and squeeze the intervertebral disc for a long time (as shown in the figure below), which will greatly compress the water in the intervertebral disc.

In the past, it is easy to cause lumbar disc herniation! Today, yogi Xiaobian shares a set of spine maintenance sequence, which can fully extend the spine and nourish the intervertebral disc.

We must collect it! 1.

Kneel on your knees in the big worship pose, with your hips falling back on your heels and entering the big worship pose.

Stay for 1-2 minutes.


Cat cow pose enters the cat cow pose from the big worship pose, exhale, close your abdomen, lower your head, arch your back, inhale, raise your abdomen and extend your spine for 10-12 times.


Snake pose enters the snake pose or upper dog pose from the cat cow pose, inhale and extend your spine.

The core can be tightened.

You can support the ground with both hands and elbows, lift your chest off the ground or enter the upper dog pose, and stay for 5-8 breaths.

4, Downward dog pose flows from upward dog pose to downward dog pose.

Stay for 5-8 breaths in downward dog pose.

Stand and bend forward from downward dog pose to standing and bend forward.

Walk your legs in small steps to the middle of your hands.

Pay attention to the slight flexion of your knees, hold your elbows and stay for 3-5 breaths.


In needle lead pose, withdraw from standing and bend forward, withdraw your legs, kneel on your knees, enter the needle lead thigh vertical ground, tighten the core, pass the right hand through the left armpit, and bend your elbow to stay for 5-8 breaths, Change the other side 7, sit and twist, sit and stand on the cushion, straighten the legs forward, bend the left leg to the outside of the right thigh, bend the right leg to the knee, breathe in with the heel close to the left hip, put the right hand on the outside of the left thigh, extend the spine, exhale and twist to the left, stay for 8-10 breaths, change the other side 8, exhaust supine position, bend the knees close to the abdomen, put both hands around the front of the lower leg, tighten the core, relax the shoulders and stay for 1-2 minutes 9, Yoga_in exits from the exhaust type and enters the bridge type.

Pay attention to the vertical knee, keep the heel at the core, tighten the gluteal muscles, and stay for 8-10 breaths.

In the supine twist type, enter the crocodile twist type, with the right leg on the top and the left leg on the bottom for 1-2 minutes.

After the left and right legs are exchanged, if you want to have a good body, you can’t have less spine maintenance! Stretch your spine a lot!..

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