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Five insurances and one fund, performance bonus! Beijing Yiping Fanxiu Yoga Culture Co., Ltd!

Company profile arborday 1 ㎡ yoga studio mainly teaches Iyengar yoga system.

The studio combines the essence of more than ten years’ Yoga study and teaching by teaching director Zhou Ping.

It is not only the dissemination and development of Iyengar yoga, but also conforms to the modern health concept.

It is like a ray of sunshine, bringing us into peace, warmth, harmony and health.

Recruitment position arborday new media operation (1 person 6-8k/ month) / / job responsibilities: 1.

Be responsible for the daily operation and maintenance of official account, public comment platform, Tiktok and other we media platforms, provide overall brand communication and marketing services for the company, efficiently produce hot video content loved by young people, and improve the attention and stickiness of users.


Absorb, master and update the company’s products, technology, culture and other valuable knowledge in real time, combine with the current hot spots, transform it into real-time adjustment and update wechat, small video and other promotion contents for different users, and spread it in different ways.


Formulate and implement clear user interaction strategies to increase the number, activity and loyalty of fans.


Track the promotion effect of new media platform, analyze data and feedback, summarize experience, establish effective operation means, improve user activity and increase the number of fans.

Job requirements: 1.

College degree or above, major in media, news, advertising, Internet and other related majors, more than 1 year of working experience in new media is preferred; 2.

Be able to skillfully produce and provide high-quality communication content, such as video, graphics, etc.

Be responsible for maintaining the fan activity of we media and different media carriers.


Have high sensitivity to new affairs, good writing skills and strong team spirit.

Love the operation of new media, and have strong ability of operation management, special planning, information acquisition and editing integration.


Have insight, track real-time hot topics and capture their highlights every day, have entertainment spirit, big brain hole and many creativity; Have a certain aesthetic quality, and master the skills of shooting, drawing revision and video editing is preferred.

Front desk clerk (1 person # 4.5-6k / month) / / job responsibilities: 1.

Be responsible for the company’s front desk reception and telephone transfer; 2.

Send and receive faxes, copy documents, send and receive letters, newspapers, documents, etc; 3.

Update and manage the contact information of employees such as mailing address and telephone number in time; 4.

Accept the appointment of meeting room, coordinate the meeting time, issue the meeting notice and arrange the meeting room; 5.

Be responsible for ordering water, newspaper, arranging letters and parcels and contacting express companies; 6.

Be responsible for the travel arrangement and other work assigned by the supervisors at all levels; 7.

Complete other transactional work assigned by the superior.

Job requirements: 1.

College degree or above in secretary, administration and related majors; 2.

More than one year related working experience; 3.

Familiar with the front desk work flow, skilled in using all kinds of office automation equipment; 4.

Enthusiastic, positive, meticulous and patient, with good communication and coordination skills, cheerful personality, good appearance and enthusiasm; 5.

Familiar with relevant office software.

Course Consultant (1 person # 6-8k / month) / / job responsibilities: 1.

Communicate with customers, introduce training courses and achieve sales objectives; 2.

Conduct timely follow-up and return visit to the company’s existing customer resources, and find ways to achieve objectives according to the further needs of customers; 3.

Provide customers with effective products and services according to customer needs and market changes, and can constantly put forward improvement methods and suggestions; 4.

Be responsible for the establishment and management of customer information archives, and carry out scientific customer relationship management; 5.

Regularly track unsuccessful customers, determine good relationships and tap potential customers; Welfare benefits arborday five insurances and one fund, performance bonus contact information arborday Tel.: 13381053806 address: Beijing Xizhimen Kaide mall platform publishes recruitment information for public welfare.

Only simple review is required.

Please distinguish by yourself..

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